Saturday, May 16, 2009

If it's Saturday it must be Little Rock

We were in Oklahoma City last night. It was raining pigs and chickens. The radar images were pretty impressive. We had thunder, lightening and buckets of rain. This picture is from the tv coverage of the storms. It's very unnerving to hear this statement, "so far there are no tornadoes." The implication being that there might be.

Now we are in North Little Rock at kind of a yucky KOA. There are too many trees and it was built before RVs got large. We were hoping not to have to take the truck off the trailer tonight, but alas, alack the site is not long enough to stay on. There are two begging squirrels here. One is missing an ear, he comes up to the door first. Since he is so pitiful he gets food, then his accomplice beats him up and takes the food, so a second hunk of food is provided, and both squirrels are very well fed.

So, we continue on our way east and to ever increasing humidity.

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