Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Moab - MTB ride to Klondike Bluffs

Today was the Klondike Bluffs MTB ride with Rim Tours of Moab. It was HARD, but it was fun. We rented full suspension bikes and I must say I am now a believer. In addition to being more comfortable in the lumpy stuff, they seem to track better because they're not bouncing around so much as a hard tail. Even better for me, it's a more upright riding position, so less weight on the hands and shoulders than with my present bike.
This is a dinosaur footprint in the rock. See the toes?

Jim riding up the slickrock. It's called that because it was slick for the horses' hooves. Mountain bike tires get good traction.

Jim and Jenna, the Rim Tours guide, coming out of a narrow little slot canyon.

After climbing for about an hour and a half, we walked to this view point in the Arches National Park. It was a stunning day, we had perfect weather.

This is coming back down. That would all be rock.

Jenna and Jim. Jenna was a really good ride leader, we enjoyed her company. She is so strong, we were dying going up parts of the climb and she just motored up it. She and her husband enjoy 3 month self-supported bicycle tours in the Andes, as high as 16,000 feet.

So, that was today. I came back from the ride and immediately took a nap, I was just pooped from the effort. Not sure what we're doing tomorrow, Thursday we're outta here and are going to Durango to get our pocket door fixed.

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