Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Monday, it must be Asheville NC

We're in Asheville. The weather is beautiful, but chilly. It's supposed to go down to 39 tonight. It could be a 3 dog night. We were in Nashville last night at the Two Rivers RV park, which was very nice. There's a lot of stuff to see and do in Tennessee. We're going to go back and sight see. The Two Rivers park was good, if you stay there, ask for slot number 414.
Today we're in the Asheville Bear Creek park which is also very nice. If you go here, ask for a back in up the hill from the office, on the left side; not that these are easy slots to get in to. The road is narrow, and the slots are short, so if one comes in at a bad angle, one has very little runway with which to correct the problem. This can lead to hissing at one's spouse over the walkie-talkies. This, in turn, can require one spouse to apologize to the other (perfect) spouse. But we're in here, and we have 75 cable channels. I am in heaven.
Tomorrow we'll be in Charlotte. Hopefully we'll get some pictures of all the Nascar craziness so you can see.

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