Monday, March 14, 2016

Weather we are Missing in the GPNW

Although we're bored in Tucson, things could be worse.  The GPNW has been slammed again by monster wind storms.  It's been an amazingly wet winter.  One really hopes this all dies down by the time we get there for the summer.
This is the 520 bridge on Lake Washington.  It's one of the two floating bridges crossing the lake.  It was damaged in the 50 mph winds and had to be closed for awhile.  At one point, waves launched driftwood onto the east bound lanes.  Traffic is bad enough in the area without losing a bridge.  Fortunately it was a Sunday.

We don't usually see white caps on Lake Washington.

Things were also exciting on the Washington State Ferries.  Those poor cars are now covered in salt water.

So that's what's happening in the upper left corner of the US.  Happy I am to be in the desert, although the forecast is for 92 a week from now.  Hopefully that will be wrong.
Other than other people's weather, I have nothing of any real interest to report.   Our change of scenery doesn't occur until the 25th. 


  1. GOOD GRIEF, those whitecaps! As a former sailor, doesn't that just make your sphincter shrink??

    1. Yup, especially when going downwind................

  2. Those are really dramatic photos. Very glad NOT to be there!

  3. We don't live that far left of the US but we are in the NW and the rain is finally letting up - allegedly - this weekend. However, I don't trust the weathermen. 92 sounds pretty nice right now but I have been walking the dog in the morning when it has been about 29 degrees.