Sunday, March 27, 2016

Out and About in Paris With No Rain

Happily, today's apocalyptic weather forecast did not materialize.  So much for the excellence of the European weather modelling.  It was windy, but no water has fallen from the sky.  We're very excited about that.  Today we went out at 10:30 and stayed out until 2:00.  This is significant because it's the longest time Jim has spent on his feet since that terrible day in November.  He did well.  Towards the end the was a little yipping from the peripheral body parts, but nothing dire.
Here is the dreaded staircase I mentioned in a previous post.  We do not like it when it turns the corners.

One of the many things we love about Paris is the pastry shops.  Look at the ordered perfection of their wares. They are just lovely.

Today started out pretty cold and windy.  Jim purchased a scarf and has it tied in the continental manner.  Is he not lovely?

We wandered over to the Tuileries - which is an enormous park and open space in the city.  They're setting up for something which starts soon.  All signage is in French so I have no data.

French statuary.

We walked by the Barbie exhibit, the line to get in wasn't too bad.  However, since it was not raining, we decided to stay outside.

Typical French architecture in the old part of town.

This is the back door to one of the many churches in the area.  Since it was Easter, we decided not to go in and take pictures in case there were services going on.

Isn't this just lovely?  The shops in Paris do such a wonderful job of merchandising. 

Here we are at the Paris Opera House.

This is a close up of one of the gold statues on the roof.

There were many people sitting on the steps of the Opera House.  There was a guy singing old Beatles songs, hoping for contributions.  Eventually he got the crowd singing as well.


Another chocolate shop.  They're all so darn cute!

This is the street our hotel is on.  I took this hanging out of the window.  European hotels are good, the windows actually open.  They also use very effective sound deadening windows.

After eating lunch and letting Jim rest his Achilles, we went back out.  I've been looking at this suit since we got here.  It's a Missoni. For those of you who don't follow fashion, he's a high zoot designer.  This suit costs around 3,000 euro.  That does not include the suede vest under the jacket, or the shirt.

We did see our first armed force.  He's a member of the National Police, and that is a fully automatic rifle he's carrying.  I took this very quickly, we're pretty sure they don't like being photographed.

This is where we were going. We wanted to see what the glass structure was.  The whole block looks new.  There are shops in the mall formed by the glass structure.  Best of all, just on the other side is a laundromat.  I was really not looking forward to washing clothes in the bath tub.

This is a Lamborghini Aventador.  You may have your own for about a half million dollars.  It had a very deep throaty engine note.  Jim wonders how much it enjoys being driven through heavy traffic.

Is this child cute, or what.  Off to one side was a guy on a delivery bike playing music.  The kid was sort of dancing along to the beat.  I like the matching outfits.

We just checked the forecast again.  Apparently the storm is still on the way, it's just been delayed. 


  1. If we ever go to Paris I'll remember to pack Jim's scarf ;-)
    Looks like a nice change of scenery from Tucson!

  2. It's a good thing there's lots of walking to do in Paris since you may be burning off pastry calories!

  3. Those goodie shops would be the end of me. They look so fantastic.

  4. I'm enjoying your posts and looking forward to more of them. We're going to Paris in September so I'm considering your blog research. :)

  5. New to your blog. That city looks clean and nice, hope you enjoy the vacation.

  6. Jim looks very dapper in his scarf, and I expect it was easier on the wallet than the suit would be. ;-) The pastry shop looks amazing. I would gain weight there for sure. Pastries and chocolate, oui oui!

  7. Oh, "continental" indeed! I learned that from the Manhattan winters. If you can keep your neck warm with a nice cashmere, you forget about all the other parts being cold. ;-)

    You will return to the Barbie Exhibit, won't you? Oh, please?? I still have my original in the black and white striped swimsuit...