Saturday, April 19, 2014

Tucson to Camp Verde AND a New Samsung

Remember the scene in Men in Black where J shakes the pug Frank who is actually an alien?  No?  Go Here then.  It's hysterical.  Anyway, that's how I was feeling about our new Galaxy Tab 3 internet only tablet today.  Unknown to me, the wretched device slithered over to my phone and sucked up all of my contacts.  Then it slithered up to Picasa and sucked down several hundred photos - ALL of which it did without consulting me.  Turns out the default on the device is to sync with everything, every where, all the time day and night.  Fortunately it did this while attached to DSL and it didn't burn up all of my precious (translate as expensive) Verizon data plan.  I would like to delete all of those photos.  Do you think I can find a trash can icon?  No.  It is not where the Dummies book says it is, or any of the help forums.  Where there should be a trash can, there is a camera icon.  This thing is the work of the devil thus far.  We got it at Costco, it may go back there.
Today we drove from Tucson to Camp Verde.  We're staying at the Distant Drums RV Park.  The skies were very dramatic today.

Are you familiar with the term mansplaining?  Jim got to experience that today.  When we plugged our RV into the 50 amp outlet on the power pedestal, the surge protector did not thump like it always does.  We went in and discovered we had no shore power.  Bringing up the Aladdin revealed that the power management system had detected an open ground.  Therefore, the power management system would not accept that power.  We went down and told the office them there was a problem with the ground.  The maintenance guy brought out a cheap power tester, stuck it in the two powered sides and told Jim, as if Jim were an idiot, that there was 120 on each side.  That's not the problem.  The ground is the problem.  We defaulted to using 30 amp, but it was very interesting to watch the maintenance guy dismiss us as morons.  I'm tempted to ask him if he has any friends who are electricians, and perhaps he could get them to explain to him what an open ground is. 
Between that, the Samsung and the really crappy internet at the park, I have a headache.  Since we're back on metered internet I think I'll keep this short and not upload any more pictures of driving.
Carry on and keep calm.


  1. Hi Allison, I love all your cactus pictures.

  2. I have a Galaxy Tab 2, and it didn't do anything evil like your Tab 3 did. Progress?