Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Hiking in the Tucson Mountain Park

High winds dictated a hike today instead of the bike.  We went out to the Tucson Mountain Park and covered about four miles.  It was a gorgeous day.

The Buckhorn Chollas are in bloom.  We saw the red and yellow varieties.  So far we've seen no fuschia, which are my favorite color.  They're not so common.


The ocotillo are still lovely and plentiful.



On the trail back to the truck.

Is this not cheerful?  It's growing in the RV park.

Today's hike once again suggested that we really need to spend more time on our feet.  If we're going to walk all over Prague, more conditioning of the feet is going to be required.
The ranks continue to thin here.  We get a little melancholy this time of year.  Two more of our friends came by tonight to say good bye.  I'm thinking we have 19 more days before we go.  It'll be good to see something new.