Sunday, April 13, 2014

Boat Racing and Dust Devils

There was racing on the lake at Christopher Columbus park this morning.  This is a starting lap, they haven't picked up enough speed yet to make the rooster tails.  I'm not sure where I was pointing the camera, but I did not capture any of those.  Anyway, this was a multi-club race.

People were here with their campers and pop-ups.

There was a small village lake side.

These are vendors.  In the back is  I had no idea that RC hydroplanes were this big.  If you look left, lower half there is a boat sitting on a stand.  They look just like the real ones.  Jim went down and talked to one of the boat guys, he said the sport started using weed eater engines.  Then people started manufacturing engines for the boats.  The next new thing will be electric motors.

We had to continue on our way, we still had CDO to climb in a rather stiff headwind.  It was gruesome. 
This afternoon we went to Target and Trader Joe's.  While we were out we saw several dust devils form and grow up.  Upon returning, we found that a devil had been across our patio.  The mountain bikes were pushed over, the bike stands were out from under the cinder blocks we had weighting them down.  When we put the pipe wrap on the corners of the cinder blocks I thought maybe it was over kill, but it saved the paint today.  So now the mountain bikes are up on the hitch mounted bike rack with the grill cover over them until it settles down a little bit.
Tomorrow we're getting the truck washed, clayed and waxed.  It will be as smooth as a baby's butt.  We're in the final count down of stuff to do before pushing off into the great wide open.


  1. Never saw those kind of rc boats before. Looks like it could be an expensive hobby.

    Dust devils can be wicked. Glad you had no damage.

    Pushing back out into wide open sounds exciting. Wishing you fun adventures ahead.

  2. I was at Trader Joe's on Sunday Milwaukee! I bought all junk except a Chinese salad with chicken which I just finished eating.