Monday, April 21, 2014

Return to Doe Mountain

This is Doe Mountain.  We walked up there today.  This is the hike we attempted yesterday, but we were rained off the mountain.

The branch from the Aerie trail to the Doe Mountain trail.

The trail is pleasant for awhile, and then there is this.

And this.

However, the top is just beautiful.


This is one of the tour operators' helicopters.

Jim is on the edge.

Another view on the way down.

It was a stunning hike.  Being on the top, walking along the rim is unbelievable.  I am so happy that my surgically repaired foot allowed me to do this.


  1. Not only has your foot been repaired, but you've found the right shoes it seems! YAY!

    Did you hike around the South part of Doe Mesa and see the HUGE homes in the high-end community named The Aerie? You too, could own a custom million dollar (+) property in Sedona!

  2. You are really causing my heart to ache today!! I love hikes with rocky paths like this much fun!! And I just bought new hiking boots yesterday for our return west. Now I am really drooling!!! What a view!

  3. I'm a sucker for clambering over rocks, especially red rocks! Lucky folks!