Monday, April 28, 2014

Hiking the Hiline

Today's hike was the Hiline Trail.  It's a relatively new trail.  The scenery is magnificent.  It starts at Yavapai Point.  If you are coming from the south on 179, you'll need to over shoot the trail head, go to the traffic circle at Back of Beyond and then go south about a mile and turn right into the parking lot.  There are multiple trails heading out from the trail head.  They don't seem to get much use, most of the people seem to be at the trail head on the other side of 179.

It's a difficult trail.  There are many parts of it that are basically rock piles.

This is a smooth section of rock.  If you look at the bottom you can see it's somewhat lumpy.

More scenic beauty.

This was difficult for me in places.  The trail is very narrow, maybe two feet, it slopes down just a little, and drops off into the abyss.  It doesn't look that bad, but it was getting to me a little.  It's another one of those places that Jim and I will never ride our bikes.

There are people that can do it.  We were talking to a guy from Tennessee who had been told he should ride it for bragging rights.  He said if he'd known what it would be like he might have gone somewhere else.

I will say that the women we have seen riding are tough.  We went by a group of them the other day on our ride, and they were heading uphill faster than we are going down hill. There are more women riders here than I think I've seen anywhere.  It might have something to do with the fact that the road riding here is abysmal.
Tomorrow we are up and out, heading to beautiful Needles, CA.  Then it's on to the Owens Valley.


  1. Google just ate my comment...grrrrr!

  2. Anyway (dern Google) comment was that I am with you on not having any desire to ride the technical, rocky, risky stuff. I've fallen enough on my bikes in the past that I don't care to risk doing that any more. I just don't have the desire or the skills for it. Why is the road riding so bad there...traffic?