Sunday, April 6, 2014

April Whining and Crock Pots

Oy!  My ennui knows no bounds.  Note to self - next year do not stay this late into April!!!!  In past years we've always taken a week and flown up to Seattle to see our vast fleet of medical professionals and to visit Jim's Mom.  This year we've slid the medical fleet to July and Jim's Mom is no longer with us.  Without that week break from April in Tucson, the days are weighing heavily on us.  It's hot, and it's windy. I've been reading Metamorphosis Road's account of their recent time in Sedona.  I think we're going to go there next year, and go where they went. 
We headed out to Fantasy Island this morning to try out my new back tire on my mountain bike.  It has deeper tread and I'm hoping that it will feel better in sand.  Anyway, when we arrived there were about 60 cars parked in the lot.  Generally if there are 6 cars in the lot we're surprised.  There was some sort of event going on with tents and many children and their parents.  So, we abandoned that plan; we'll try it again tomorrow when people have returned to work and school, where they belong. 
We ended up doing laundry, defrosting the freezer and doing plug adapter research.  Apparently the Czech Republic uses a plug adapter that we do not currently own.  Their outlets have a protruding ground pin, and the adapter must be able to accept that pin.  Ours do not.  I'm happy that we discovered this prior to leaving on the trip.
The sky has been interesting with all of the clouds being swept through because it is windy.

I do have a cooking tip.  We have a crock pot, but we quit using it because cleanup is kind of a pain in an RV.  Slow cooking produces a lot of liquid, and we don't want that in the gray tank.  You probably already know this, but I recently learned that one can buy crock pot liners.  Put it in, put the food in, cook.

They don't melt!  Pull food out of bag, let the crock cool awhile, tie the bag up with a twist tie, throw it away, and you're done.  I like this.

Other than this pitiful accounting of our pitiful ennui, I have not too much report.


  1. Thanks for the tip! I got rid of my crock pot before we started fulltiming. Now I need to get another one before we head west so I can have dinner waiting for us after a long day of hiking. Liners make perfect sense!

    1. When do you anticipate arriving back in the west?

  2. There's nothing boring about Sedona I guarantee it! It's cooler too, but a bit windy.

  3. Is there any place it isn't windy in April? Maybe some snug mountain glen, but then it would be too cold!

  4. It's windy here in KC too now...I am very tired of wind, as you are. We had it in December in Ocean Isle Beach, January in N. Padre Island, TX; not as much Feb. in Tucson, til the end of the month, but plenty in Patagonia in March. Breezes are nice when it's hot out and when you're not biking!