Friday, December 6, 2013

First Week in December

Wednesday Ken and Rachel came with the new cooling unit for the refrigerator.  There are some things an RV owner just should not see; and your refrigerator face down on the floor is one of them.
This is Ken beginning the process of removing the old cooling unit.

It came up easily, Ken said they usually put up more of a fight.

Taking it out the door and away.

Part of the trim was bent during transit.  Here is Ken using precision tools (hammer and giant screw driver) to return the trim to its original shape.

The new cooling unit is now installed.  There was much fishing of wires up the back of it.  There are definitely no user serviceable parts here.  It is so nice to have this fixed.  I will never take the freezer for granted again.

Yesterday we went to REI.  This was taken on Ruthrauff Road.  Traffic was necked down to one lane.  Do you think people will wait their turn?  No, they all want to run up the right side and then stick their noses in at the last minute.  I find this breach of manners so infuriating.  One young woman came up very quickly, and then tried to make a right turn around the fire truck.

Only to find her path blocked by one of the cars involved in the accident.  So at that point she had the entire intersection blocked.  The number of accidents in Tucson is high, and I suspect many of them are due to the running of red lights.


Sadly, today was the end of an era.  A great man has died. 

That's all I have to report from the Old Pueblo.

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  1. Traffic sounds like what you get around Chicago area. Good to know we'll need to be on our guard when we head that way.