Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Hike with a Cough

Woe!  Woe is me.  I've developed a sore throat which has degenerated into a non-productive, hacking cough.   No one is getting any sleep as I lie awake hacking like a cat with a fur ball.  I'll be glad when this is gone.  Yesterday was particularly bad, I spent most of the day of the couch watching Hellboy II and Buckaroo Bonzai.  Nothing but high quality programming for me!
Jim rode his bike yesterday.  On the way home while he was standing in a cross walk, ahead of the stop line, he was bumped by a vehicle behind him.  The driver's excuse was that his brakes are bad.  One wonders what the driver will do in the event of having to stop quickly.  There was no harm to the bike, or to Jim, but it is unnerving behavior on the part of the Tucson motoring public.
Today we did a flattish hike out in the Tucson Mountains.  See the dip in between the two high points?  That's where the trail we usually take comes down.  It's steep, and I wimped out on going up it.  Too tired.

More of the trail.

People also mountain bike out these trails.  We don't, it's just too rocky.  We've met this woman and her husband several times out in the hinterlands.  They are both really good riders, very technical and very strong.  They were the first people to suggest to me that body armor is a good thing on rocky trails.

It was a glorious day in the desert.

Next week should be even warmer.  Whoo-hoo!

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