Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Winter Nadir

Today is the nadir of my Tucson season.  The DVR has been "taping" cycling programs on a channel that is not in our current satellite package.  There was a huge list of programs that needed to be deleted.  Given the fact that the cycling programs were an indented list under "Cycling" I believed that my delete all was specific to those programs.  Nope.  All gone.  Eight months of collecting stuff to watch when we don't have satellite or cable is gone.  I am so pissed.  So, now we must start the collection process again.
This morning we started the day by having coffee and reading on the PCs, enjoying the heat pump and the space heater, because it's cold.  Late February, and it's cold!  I looked up to see a puff of smoke emanating from the space heater.  It's dead.  Have you ever tried to buy a space heater in Tucson in February? Not happening!  I found one on Amazon and forked over the money for one day shipping.  Hopefully that will make it warm up.

Today was incredibly windy.  After going to Lowe's, Walmart, Target, and Home Depot (looking for a space heater) we went to Food City on Irvington.  It's a great store, it smells wonderful.  There's a restaurant in the store and great produce.  We are trying to upgrade our fruit and vegetable consumption.

In other more cheerful news, our hummingbird has returned after being away for a couple of days.  We were happy to see her back.

Other than our electronic tales of woe, I have nothing to report.

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