Saturday, February 9, 2013

An RV Show at the Pima County Fairgrouns

Today started off noisy and stayed that way.  At times it felt like an airshow.  We're close to the 162nd Fighter Wing, and they were out flying today.  Here is an F16 captured from a parking lot near the airport.

It was cold today, and windy.  Yes, yes I know that cold is relative and it's not really cold here, but I was cold.  We decided to go out to the Pima County Fairgrounds for an RV show for something to do.  The fairgrounds are out in the middle of nowhere.

First we looked at the Class A's.  I don't really like the new ones.  They just do not speak to me.

This is the first thing I do not like, the use of the residential refrigerator.  This is a constant electrical power draw.

Look at the cook top, electric.  This RV will never be happy away from a power cord.

Another Class A.  I don't like it either.

This was the highlight of the RV show. Lifestyle is a new brand.  After Carriage went out of business, Lifestyle picked up their engineers.  They sent questionnaires out to full timers and asked them what they wanted in a 5th wheel.  That's what they built.  With the exception of the size of the basement, it's perfect.  There is a massive amount of storage and it's just beautiful inside.

This is the kitchen and living area.  For us, other than the fact that we're not buying anything, the basement is a non-starter.  It's too small to get two road bikes in it.

It was a fun afternoon, it kept us on our feet and moving up and down stairs. Then we had a nice sunset.

Tomorrow will be even colder, so we may go down to the arts festival in Tubac.

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