Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stalking the Wily Crested Cactus

I have been reading The Good Luck Duck's blog recounting her search for and discovery of the elusive crested saguaro cactus.  This morning we decided that we would head out and try to find a crested cactus.  So off we went, stopping frequently to search the cactus forest.  The one we found is in this picture, can you see it? 

This is a different crested saguaro than the one the Duck found.  It's interesting, the first fan sprouted arms, and two of those arms are cresting.

The arm second to the left sort of looks like a sock puppet.

We did not find any other crested cacti. 
This is on the was back up to one the intersections of Yetman and Starr Pass.  Mid photo you can see the Tiki Guy, which is the rock formation we used early on to figure out where we were when we were hiking.

So, we still have not seen the cactus we set out to see, but I did bag a crested saguaro on the hike today.

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  1. So glad you found this particular crested saguaro. This is a beauty. I sent directions to several cresties to the Good Luck Ducks. I felt badly that Roxie was out looking and having no luck. Several of the ones I found, I located by doing a Google search. I found young on today on the Brown Mt. Loop. One of my favorites is on the trail off the Gas Pipeline in the northeastern corner of Saguaro NP West.

    So glad you met Hans and Liza today!!