Saturday, February 2, 2013

Egg Rings, Fantasy Island and New Knee Pads

Is this cute, or what?  We've decided we're sick of scrambled eggs, so we got egg rings to improve our fried egg results.

See, there they are in the skillet.  They enable nice round results, instead of the amoeba like free form fried eggs I was producing.  They are much easier to flip over when they're contained.

After breakfast we went out to Fantasy Island.  Jim reports that his new wheels have made his bike feel like it's brand new.  It accelerates way more quickly than it did and he's just overall happy as a clam.

See the rabbit at the bottom of the photo?  I stood there and watched him for about 3 or 4 minutes.  It's just amazing how still they can remain.  If he's not moving, he's invisible.

There's a new windsock up at the Bunny Trail roundabout.  There used to be a shark, but now it's a cute bunny.

It was a good ride, I rode the dreaded wash where I committed a face plant without incident.  I also made it across the big sandy wash that I usually walk. 
Afterwards we went over to Arizona Bike Experts and bought new knee pads.  The ones we have are big and puffy, and they're also heavy and hot.

Go here, to their website.  This is such cool technology, upon impact the material hardens up and protects the body part.  Then it returns to its flexible pre-incident state.  They also make cell phone and computer cases.
It was a good day, it was warm and nice.  Good day for the opening of the Gem and Mineral Show.

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