Friday, January 27, 2012

A New Hike

We had planned to bike today, but neither of us is sleeping well in the hotel, between the noise, the suboptimal pillows, and the constant thoughts of "what if they can't fix it". So we were tired. Plan B was to hike Pontatoc Trail, but upon arriving at the trail head there were no parking places. It's surrounded by a neighborhood that has invested much money in no parking signs. So we went elsewhere.
The trail head for this hike is off Ina. It's Pima Canyon. It was a delightful hike. It's not a ridge line hike, but there is much to look at.

There is a slow moving creek. We sat on a rock in the shade and had a nosh, it was quite nice. We're going to have to start moving earlier, it's warming up here. Remember, my personal comfort zone is between 68 and 72 degrees F.

This was cool. The big bright round thing is the sun. Those of you in the GPNW may not have seen this for awhile. The straight white line is a contrail. The dark line to the left of the contrail is the contrail's shadow being cast on the clouds. If you look right around the sun from nine o'clock to noon positions you can see pink and green clouds. They were more evident in person, but not as much for the camera. I'm amazed that I got any sort of picture, aiming the camera right at the sun.

Jim is off to ask the RV people what, if any, progress was made today. I did not go. Too much time in the car causes me to become car sick.


  1. Gorgeous hike pictures. Sorry you are not sleeping well. Hope the RV is better soon.

  2. lovely pink and green!
    hope you get back on the bikes soon