Tuesday, January 24, 2012

It's Always Something With the RV - Part 2

A scene from Sunday's hike, back when we were happy and carefree, unaware of our impending doom. How was that? Ominous enough?

We took the RV in to Premier RV today for 3 minor fixes, and to obtain a quote for cabinet work. HAH! Double HAH HAH HAH!!!!!!! We got there, and the engine wouldn't shut off. We called Monaco from the parking lot and they said it's either a bad ignition switch or a bad ECM relay. The guys at Premier decided to back the coach into a service bay before trying to kill the engine. Good thing.
Techs swarmed the battery bay and the front bay full of wires. We were asked if we had the full schematics for the coach and we set about looking for them. After I had gone through the manuals we keep at the front of the RV, I got up and walked to the back to see how Jim was doing with his search. I walked through a cloud of smoke the smell of hot electronics, and said to Jim, "I think we're on fire." Reader, if you own an RV, fire is the word you never, ever want to hear in conjunction with your coach. Two of the multiplexer boards in the cabinet in the bathroom just cooked themselves. COOKED!

So that is how our day started. They spent several hours trying to identify the root cause for the failure of the engine to stop running, immolation of the multiplexer boards and a general WTH? The solution proposed by the tech is that an incorrectly wired circuit for the docking lights in the dash was the cause. We are having trouble buying it. The amount of electricity required to fry that board did not come from the dash. We don't know what caused it, and we probably won't ever know.
So, tonight we are sleeping at the Hampton Inn out by the airport. Parts are being shipped from around the country, and maybe we'll get the RV back tomorrow, but I doubt it. At this point we will find out if we bought an extended warranty from a good company or a bad company. Some vendors are better about paying than others, so we'll see.
So maties, this is today's report from the glamorous world of full time RVing.

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  1. I am so sorry for your trouble. I hope that your warrantee will come through. That is not what I wanted to read about your day. I will be intently watching to see how it goes for you. Again, so sorry, and thanks for sharing the ups and downs.