Saturday, January 21, 2012

Images from Jim's Trip to Seattle

Here is Jim's Mom. She just got her hair cut. It was down to the middle of her back and she was sick of it. i think it looks cute short. She's 97.

I copied this from the Seattle Times website. If SOPA passes, my website will probably go dark due to my borrowing of copyrighted material. I did give photo attribution. Anyway, the is highway 202 between Fish Hatchery and Snoqualmie Falls. This is a road we ride a lot in the summer. Technically Jim didn't see this, but I thought it was a very evocative picture of the area during Snowmaggedon.

This is off the back deck at May's house.

Click this one to enlarge. I like the way the lights are so yellow in the house windows.

There is a new memorial on Bainbridge Island to the Japanese-American citizens who were deported to the internment camps during WWII. This was one of the more shameful chapters in American history. Jim said it's really well done and worth a ferry trip over to see it. We'll be back up in April, and will take more photos.

Sunlight on the city.

Thus ends Jim's trip to the frozen north and his narrow escape from Winter Blast 2012.

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