Monday, November 2, 2009

Animal Planet

Thursday was a chilly day. I got up early and was dutifully hiking out the Gerson trail in the wind and freezing cold. About 15 minutes in to the trail, I was met by two dogs with no people. There was Big Dog and Little Dog. Big Dog was not doing well with the cactus, he had cactus stickers in many different places. He also was being a hazard to mountain bikers, as he performed a perfect series of S turns in front of a rider. So, we went back to the truck. A couple of tourists helped me push Big Dog into the truck and we went to the pound. Once in the truck they were quite calm. Little Dog went to sleep with Big Dog sitting up looking out the window.

Big Dog is sort of a hound, Little Dog is a blend. They were both really nice animals. They're both microchipped, so probability is high that they'll be reunited with their people.

Jim came home Thursday afternoon, Friday morning was still pretty chilly. We did a social ride up to the U for coffee. But first we had to see the RCW doggie costume contest. Poor little dogs, dressed like clowns, devils and spiders.

Then it was on to Cafe Pariso. They have outdoor seating. When patrons depart, it's an immediate feeding frenzy on the part of the pigeons. These guys were going for it.

Friday I went for a horse back ride with my friend Marcy. She has two horses now. This is Mex. He's an older horse, and was very nice to me, who does not know how to ride.

This is Buck, who is Marcy's new horse. He's a young guy and will be up to doing longer rides that Mex no longer enjoys. Buck is a quarter horse. Look at his eyes, they are the most interesting color. He's a pretty boy.

When I die I want to come back as a ranch dog. This guy and his buddy have reserved seating on the golf cart, and they enjoy it mightily.

Horses require a lot of maintenance. Here is Marcy brushing Mex's teeth. Good dental care is important. It's amazing to Jim and me that he lets her do it.

Jim was pressed into service with the saddle.

Now I am receiving instruction on how to stop and steer a horse. I felt very uncoordinated riding. Marcy is a very good rider and looks good on a horse.

This is after riding. Yes, I am wearing my bicycle helmet. Like so many sports, horse back riding has adopted the habit of wearing helmets. It makes sense, it's a long way to the ground, and horses do have a mind of their own. Riding well would require practice. I'm not flexible in the directions required to spend time on the saddle. Also, to signal a turn, one presses on the side of the horse with one's leg. I don't have the muscle required to push on the horse, all of my muscle is in the front and back of the leg. I think a Thighmaster might be helpful. It was fun. Max followed Buck and did not try to eject me.

My friend Sheldon sent me this. This is a Salt Lake City spin class Halloween "Sumo Ride".

So, tomorrow will be a record hot day - mid 90's. This is well outside of my personal comfort range. However, the second air conditioning unit is being installed Wednesday, so I am quite certain the heat will break immediately.

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