Thursday, September 28, 2023

Today in the House of Representatives

Today the republicans trotted out their "witnesses" for impeaching President Biden.  It did not go well for them.  Basically, the "witnesses" all admitted that they had no first hand knowledge of wrong doing.  Some of the clips of the Democrats responding to the pathetic loser republicans are hysterical.  Huffpost has an article up with footage.  They are so worth watching.  If you're pressed for time, scroll to the bottom and watch Ms. Crockett's clip.  I think I've played it 5 or 6 times; it's amazing how long she can speak without breathing. 

Unfortunately, what they did not do was make any progress towards continued funding of the government.


  1. Wow, a powerful and mesmerizing speech! Were the Republicans paying attention? Probably not.

  2. I watched a clip of AOC asking each of the 'witnesses' if they had first hand knowledge and they all answered unequivocally no. hearing after hearing the republicans have come out with egg on their face but they have no shame.

    and they fully intend to shutdown the government though they've abandoned the budget cutting excuse for the southern border excuse. of course shutting down the government will affect border patrol's ability to do their job. but hey, it's republican logic.

    1. and this...can you even impeach a president for something he supposedly did years ago as vice president? wouldn't the impeachable offense have to be committed during a president's time in office?

  3. It's pretty sorry when your own witnesses testify that you're on a fishing expedition.