Saturday, September 23, 2023

Not Riding and Vaccines

Greetings Humans!  Today was forecast to be cloudy and cold.  So we decided to get the annual flu shot for the elderly and the monovalent X.B.B Covid vaccine (booster).  According to the people who know such things, the monovalent will be protective against the two new strains that are now circulating, wanting to sicken us all.  I've never done two vaccines at the same time, this should be interesting. 

Update 9/24/23:  Last night I felt a little bad, slightly feverish.  Today wasn't terrible, the covid arm hurts more than the flu arm.  Jim had both in his right arm, which was sore.  All in all, the aftermath has not been bad.

Instead, it was a beautiful day, and would have been perfect for riding.  We'll go tomorrow, it's the same forecast so maybe it will be as good as today was.  We did get the terrible bike saddles off of our new bikes and replaced them with better saddles from the bike stuff hoard we have down stairs.  That was a big improvement in comfort.

The corner where we dug up all the crab grass is showing some shoots of baby grass.  We are wildly excited about this, previous attempts at growing grass have been failures, it would be nice to have a win, especially given how difficult the whole project was.

The last ride was done on a very windy day.  The lenticular clouds over the lake were just outstanding.

The geese have started the migration southward.  A bunch of them were in the swimming area honking and pooping.

We got the vaccines at the Safeway (a grocery store chain) pharmacy.  They said turn out has been pretty good, so far.  The last vaccine did not have that many takers, so it's good that people are lining up for this one.  Anyway, this was in an aisle.  Coke, now created with artificial intelligence.  I'm not sure this is a real selling point for me.

That's it!  That's all I have to say.


  1. the pharmacy at the Evil Empire didn't have the new covid booster last week when we checked but think they will have it next week.

    well, I don't drink soda so I won't be trying it but doubt if I would anyway. new limited edition flavor? what an AI thinks people would like? um, not interested.

  2. Makes me glad I don't drink Coke. Or any soda.

  3. I've had the flu shot. Hope to get the covid next week before the mobs arrive. AI created soda. I don't drink soda but I'm not happy about how this AI stuff is showing up everywhere. Fingers crossed for your grass.

  4. We have had the double with no problems, and flu one at the same time ( but in the other arm so that they know if there is a reaction, which one is doing it) for the last two jags..Pirate has just had this latest one last Monday, I have mine this morning in our village community room

  5. Yeah, what the heck does that even mean, Coke?! God only knows what AI would put in there. Don't let something with no taste buds create a food product!

  6. I had the flu and Covid booster at the same time last fall, and will likely do the same this year. They still aren't available here yet, not sure why.
    This A.I. crap annoys the hell out of me. I don't want my music, my television programming, and especially food stuffs created in this manner. There are too many people who need work, and while the technology does create some jobs, I worry that the number that lose their jobs will far exceed that number.

  7. Good grief, AI created soda could be really, really bad. I don't drink soda anyway, so I guess I'll never know. Why why why are the tech gods ramming AI down our throats? It could be useful for some things, I suppose, but I fear where it could take us.
    Hope the vaccines go well for you. I get so sick after a covid shot that there is no way I would ever plan a bike ride for the next day. Like clockwork, 12 hours after a vaccine/booster, and for the following 24 hours, I feel like crap: fever, aches, malaise, etc. And just as quickly as it starts, it's over. No such problems from the flu shot I got last year, but I still think I would get them separately, just in case. I go for my annual physical on 10/2 and will see what my doc recommends.