Wednesday, September 20, 2023

Fall Turns Cold and Wet

Ack.  We were about a week too late getting the grass replanted.   It has gone from being a delightful fall in the Inland Empire to being cold and damp.  Last year this time it was delightful, it was just a treat.  The wretched bird that lives in the big tree next to one of the grass sites has discovered the grass seed.  We put it down thickly, so hopefully he will not eat all of it.  It's always something.  The other grass seed site has a lot of original grass which is looking very happy and it's growing now that it is surrounded by composted steer manure.  It spreads by runner so even if the seeds don't come up, the original grass may spread and cover the bare spots. 

I realize none of you are particularly interested in this, but if I don't write it down, it fades from memory.

There has been riding to the lake, riding on the Aubrey L White parkway.  Things were looking particularly autumnal that day.

A rabbit has been visiting frequently.  He, at least, stays out of the grass seed.  He likes to sit in the shade of one of the cone shaped trees.  In the first photo, notice that his ears are up.  He's comfortable, and happy.  We were several feet away, using the telephoto setting on Jim's camera.

Here he's aware of us, ears are down, he's not moving.  They seem to think that if they're perfectly still, we can't see them.  Soon after, he made a run for the neighbor's yard.

The Rose of Sharon continues to grow too tall, bloom too much, and drop spent flowers everywhere.  Next spring we're taking four feet off it's height.  I hate trimming things with a hedge trimmer while standing on a ladder, it's too painful for the aged.

Here is a photo of the Japanese lantern, in the afternoon sun.

As you know, the UAW is on strike.  Politicians like Nikki Haley are saying stupid things like that if Biden is pro-union, the workers will start wanting things.  Things like a share of corporate profits, for one thing.  CEO payment in one of the car companies is 400 times the pay of the people who actually do the work that generates profit.  Tim Scott has come out with, if you strike you're fired.  The orange ectoplasm announced that he would skip the next Republican debate to go spend time with the striking workers.  I thought the UAW response was right on point.

So that's it!  That's all I've got.


  1. I really like that last bit by Shawn Fain. Finally someone who gets it.

  2. I think back to when I last worked for a corporation. It was 1988. However, things were going downhill then. We were on the verge of being bought out by a corporation that only wanted our manufacturing facility, not our product or expertise. Anyway, when it was still a real corporation, run by real executives, say 1985 or 6, the president believed he should earn no more than 36 x the average pay of the factory workers. Maybe I should add we were also privately held at the time. By 1988 the company that would buy us out completely was giving the executives stock options. I left before I could exercise mine.

  3. Our nights are cooling down perfectly, into the lower 70s. Still a few days over 100 but not over 105. Thank goodness for fall. Haven't seen too many bunnies, probably because of the heat. I do have bunnie holes under my trailer so I know they're around.

    I like that statement by Shawn. What a mess we're in.

  4. still hot here and dry but not as hot at least.

    and omg, the workers might start wanting things! who do they think they are, the elites? fucking republicans. without those workers living hand to mouth there would be no product for the CEO and shareholders to get rich off.

  5. The UAW has it right, I do hope they'll protest his presence should he dare to turn up.
    It's been quite cool here in the mornings and warming up to the low 70's in the afternoon. I should be outside clearing up the annuals, but I'm feeling downright lazy today. No frost in the immediate future so they can wait.
    Actually your story of the grass seed is of interest - I've got patches of my lawn that are being a pain in my butt...I put down dirt and seeds, water well and nothing seems to grow. Oh, except a few stubborn weeds!

  6. And yet so many of Trump's supporters live paycheck to paycheck. Go figure!

    It's hard to think of a more terrifying existence than being a rabbit!