Friday, June 2, 2023

Save Your Gmail Accounts!

In order to save server space, Google has decided to delete unused Gmail accounts.  From the article, I'm not clear on whether or not activating Blogger counts as Gmail usage, or if receiving mail counts.  So, make sure to send a Gmail email frequently to keep your account active.  I think if you lose Gmail, you lose access to Blogger.  That would be bad.  Here is the article.

Yesterday I saw a baby rabbit in the front yard.  It's impossible to know if that's the little one we pulled out of the window wells.  They are so cute, I just want to rub their little heads.

We were up early today, the grounds keepers are mowing the front common area at 7:30, then at oh:eight:hundred hours, the garage door technician came to fix the garage door.  The last tech incorrectly installed the sensors that keep the door from closing on small animals or children, so he fixed the sensor locations and gave us 50% off the service charge fee so that was good.

The rhodys are blooming, but they're not as spectacular as last year.  This one was being visited by a large bumble bee.

Now that the maple is gone, the rhody that was covered up by the maple is growing like crazy.  The sun has moved enough now that the new plant is getting sun, too.  It's about time to dead head that one, the flowers are looking pretty shaggy.

The first clutch of baby quail has been spotted, so continued vigilance on the window wells will be required.


  1. As far as I can work out, the Gmail needs to be used, not just used as a log in.
    It's a good service anyway, and is good at filtering spam and scam emails.
    I have had far more problems with yahoo and Microsoft emails and find them untrustworthy.
    Google needs the space of these unused emails to open new ones..fair enough!

  2. You're a wild animal grandma:)

    1. Or : You're a wild animal, Grandma.
      Sorry, couldn't help it. Punctuation games.

  3. That looks like a lot of deadheading, spectacular year or not.

  4. Thanks for the head's up. I hadn't heard about gmail.
    Baby quail are the cutest little things but I'm with you, I'd rather pet the bunny.

  5. baby wild kingdom around there. baby bunnies are cute. I use my gmail so I guess I'm covered.

  6. Those window wells sound like a serious design flaw! Weird that the architects and/or builders didn't consider the possibility of animals falling into them.

    I'll check out the Gmail thing. I can't imagine Google would delete an account if the user uses other Google platforms like Blogger and YouTube but doesn't use their Gmail much. But I could be wrong!