Saturday, June 3, 2023

Riding to the Lake

Greetings People of Earth.  How are things in your respective climates?  It's warm here, not AZ warm, but warm enough.  We've run the air conditioning some today, I think opening the sliding glass door to the deck will soon provide some cool air.  There is a down slope air flow across the bluff wall behind us, and the neighbor has a recirculating water fountain that provides cooler air. The problem with running the air conditioning is that the primary bathroom becomes a meat locker, which makes taking a shower unpleasant.

Blogger has been weird in regards to comments.  Steve left me a comment saying he thought he'd already responded to a post, and wondered if the original had gone into spam.  Why yes, yes it had, along with recent comments from two other people.  What is really weird is that there were comments dating back from 2014 stuck in spam.  So, I have resolved to check spam more often, and not rely on Yahoo mail to tell me I have comments awaiting moderation.

We rode to the lake this morning.  We saw more people out on bikes today than we have all year.  It was amazing how many people were out riding.  Road bikes were definitely out numbering the battery bikes today.  Usually Jim and I are in the minority. I don't begrudge people their batteries, there are many valid reasons for having an e-bike.  However, I do wish the e-bikers would take a few minutes to learn trail etiquette, such as stay in the right lane, particularly on a blind corner.  We saw one guy do an entire set of switchbacks in the left lane, it's a good way to get hurt on a Saturday morning. 

The re-doing of the recreation area is still not finished.  Many people are at the water's edge because most of the picnic tables are still embargoed at the far end of the parking lot.  There are about six or so in the shade by the water.  While we were there, a mini-van pulled up and disgorged a stroller, a table, coolers, and a charcoal grill.  They were there for the day, with all of that.  They kept hauling their stuff closer and closer to our bikes which were leaning on a tree, so we decided to go.

Are these iris?  They're growing along the edge of the lake.

Kids in the lake.

The view from the back of the Jeep.

Other than this, I have nothing interesting to say.


  1. It seems that manners and etiquette have gone out the window for many things, although I'm guessing that this has been said throughout the ages by older people:)

  2. It seems to me that more and more people seem uninformed about keeping to the right. I do it automatically without thinking about it. but have you noticed, stores used to have entrance doors on the right and exit doors on the left (unless you are inside in which case they are on the right), now some have them switched around, enter the store from the left and exit from the left.

  3. At least those people didn't bring out a boom box and turn it on. That happened to me once on a camping trip. I was camped next to a river and enjoy the sound of the water and the birds and then a group set up camp in the next spot along the river and turned on the loud music.

  4. Perhaps "stay right" should be taught in school! It is the proper way to walk, too, and no one does.

  5. I don't ride a bicycle of any kind, but I've noticed bad behaviour on the walking paths too. My fave is the group who insist on walking three or four abreast taking up both lanes because they are busy chatting.
    I've had the same issue with blogger - it's such a nuisance.

  6. I think those pretty flowers are Dutch Iris. Lovely. I agree with you about trail (and other) etiquette. Also, for walking, we were always taught to walk facing traffic, but to ride with traffic. So many times when we were living in the 'burbs and taking walks, we'd be walking on the side facing traffic and encounter numerous walkers walking the opposite way. It always irked us a bit, as sometimes we'd have to step aside to let them go through. I wanted to say "didn't your mother ever teach you to walk facing traffic?" They were almost invariably younger than us, so maybe the walking rules have changed? Or, more likely, there are no longer any rules. Of course, wrong-way walkers are far less annoying (not to mention dangerous) than wrong-way cyclists!

  7. Yes, those are iris. We have the same type in the ponds on Hampstead Heath! I'm glad my comment showed up. I think this happens a lot to me for some reason. I don't know why Blogger doesn't like me. :(

  8. Riding a bike with traffic is counter intuitive - bikers are littler and should see what is coming don't you reckon? I guess all wheelie thing stay on the right- and all walking commuters riding the escalator in the tube stations stay on the right even though traffic in cars is on the left. I dunno- just use common sense if that is a thing?
    The lake looks so inviting!