Sunday, May 28, 2023

Cartoons and Photos

Greetings Fellow Humans.  It's the first day of the three day weekend.  We celebrated by applying the hedge trimmer to the Barberry.  It's a great hulking plant that has to be cut back at least once a year.  Left to my own devices, I would put a chain around the trunk and pull it out, but Jim likes it.  This year we took more off than usual, it's shading the grass and the grass dies.  So, that was fun.

Not much is happening here, other than watching the republicans be complete and total ass-hats.  This came from twitter, and it speaks volumes.

WAPO put this up a day or so ago.

Ok, I'm done now.

Things are blooming here.  The bike lane we ride out to the lake is covered in pine pollen, my tires are yellow.  Jim and I are suffering from post nasal drip and burning itching eyes like never before.  Target sells an inexpensive generic anti-histamine eye drop which is helping - it's a store brand.  It's usually not this bad, but we are surrounded by pine trees. 

Here is a purple plant that lives along the bike path.  I'm guessing Lupine?

This is the rhody we just put in the ground.  He's a prolific bloomer, and is putting out new growth.  It would be nice if it would have a long a prosperous life.  Now that the maple is gone, the rhody next to him is also putting out new growth, which it didn't do before.  No one misses that tree.

I took this last night after the thunderstorm.  The thunder was amazing, with each boom, the glasses were rattling in the cabinet.  Not too much lightning, and it didn't rain all that much, but the thunder was good.

My fried egg peony is blooming.

These poppies live next door.  They are so vivid the camera has difficulty seeing them.

Thus far we have three tiny tomatoes.  They're very small, very green.  I'll be surprised if we eat any of them.  This is not really tomato country. 

The people across the cul de sac have the most amazing peonies.  They're large and they last a long time.

Our local rabbit, eating grass.  We haven't seen the baby rabbit we fished out of the window wells.  We wonder if the local owl ate him.

The last few days we've seen three or so vultures circling across the street.  We wonder what they're looking at. 

Currently, Jim is spatch cocking a chicken, which, when cooked on the grill will look like this. It has become his signature dish, requiring no effort on my part.

Other than this paltry offering, I have zippity doo-dah all to say.


  1. damn republicans are a very stupid cult.
    Spatch cocking sounds ...dirty.
    I think that your tomatoes may surprise you, When the sun comes out they go crazy! We had way too many last year- started late but , whoa, they caught up !

  2. I can't believe how this country is regressing and how many people are letting it happen! Terrifying. I'm angry. I love the flowers, especially the bright orange poppies; orange flowers are my favorites. My mom has a fried egg peony; I didn't realize that was its name. It fits!

  3. I'm not entirely certain, but I think the purple plant is loosestrife. If so, it's a noxious weed that chokes out other plants. I hope I'm wrong.
    Wrong is what the Republicans are doing. That's all I'll say.
    The fried egg peony is amazing. I've never seen anything like it.

  4. pretty flowers. is it still spring up there?

    unbelievably, the republican dominated Texas House just impeached attorney general Ken Paxton. He is as corrupt as they come and has been under indictment since 2015 for felony securities fraud and still got re-elected two more times. I guess he finally became even too corrupt for the Texas House members even though both Paxton and Trump were on the phone to republican representatives as soon as the House announced impeachment proceedings threatening 'consequences' if they voted to impeach .

  5. Nature is amazing and wonderful in its color and variety! The Republicans, not so much. Honestly, so many of them sound like actual idiots. (Sorry, had to be said.)

  6. That's not a very paltry offering, actually! Hopefully the baby rabbit is still out there, but who knows. Your fried egg peony is great, and that rhododendron is really going to town. And yes, I believe that is a lupine.

    Years ago, in Florida, I did an article about pine pollen. A forester told me that people don't normally have allergic reactions to pine pollen -- it's pollen from other plants blooming concurrently that actually sets them off, but because the pine pollen is very visible, they blame that. I have no idea whether this is true but it was an interesting assertion! (And I published it as such.)

  7. Love all the flower photos! I just visited my mother, and her pink peony and her rhodys were blooming. Such a pretty time of year, and your rhody is spectacular! I don't think the purple flower is lupine - google a couple of images. Not sure what it is, though.

  8. OK, this is weird. I feel like I responded to this post. Are my comments going to spam or am I hallucinating?!