Saturday, February 4, 2023

Weather, Riding, Spy Balloons

 Greetings fellow citizens.  I hope your current climates are tolerable.  Finally today we had this.

For those of you who are participating in this, I hope it will be over soon.

There has been riding along the Rillito trail.  This is an agave, putting up a flower spike.  Eventually, the flowers will open and the plant will die.  It's always sad to see them put forth this much effort and then perish.

This is a horse in an enclosure at the Rillito Downs racing track.  They race quarter horses there.  I disapprove of this activity because the number of horses who die entertaining people is not trivial.  They keep launching investigations, but the horses continue to die.

Some pretty good clouds on the way home.

Yesterday we had cloud cover all day.  It was kind of gruesome.  It did give us a spectacular sunset.  Our condo is oriented so that we don't see much sunset, unless it's filling the entire sky.

The neighbors were out last night.  Jim had gone out to the car to get my phone, and these three were happily tearing out an agave pup.  Agaves send out underground shoots, and baby agaves pop up through the dirt.  It's a non-lethal form of procreation.  Anyway, they were on the sidewalk where Jim would need to walk to return to the condo.  I went out on the deck and banged two pots together, and they mosied off into the desert. 

Today we rode south on the trail.  The trail people have put up arches that have counters of how many people walk or ride on the trail.  This one is the prettiest arch we have seen thus far.

The Chinese spy balloon was shot down today, it landed in about 45 feet of water off the coast of South Carolina.  Happy we are that we won't be subjected to anymore republican men pointing their AR15s skyward, suggesting that they would shoot it down.  It's more likely that they would put someone's eye out.

Other than this, I have not much to say about things.


  1. horse racing, horse training ranches- break my heart. My friend and I worked on a few- too many horses killed. Too many babies killed because they were twins. It is a cruel sport as most sport is.
    I am glad you are having the weather that you went there for! Warmer up here but dark, so dark.

  2. The cold weather that is now focused on Eastern Canada and Northwest US, visited us this past week. It was miserable. It has now warmed up and of course, that means more snow and fog. Good to hear you are warming up.
    I do wonder what China will do now - first they apologized, but are now quite irate that the balloon was shot down. Since I have no trust in what they say, I would not be the least bit surprised, they were in fact spying on our two countries.

  3. I'm with you on horse racing. It's barbaric. As for agaves, well, they're just doing their thing, I suppose. We all gotta go sometime!

  4. What great photos. I loathe horse racing - it presses all the wrong buttons for me: first I'm scared of horses (so not a good start), then there's all the animals that die or are trained inappropriately; thirdly, its associated with gambling and in my mind with my father (least said the better)... but most of all... it is sooo..boring..

  5. Here in NE Ohio, where we should be locked in the depths of winter, it will be spring this coming week. For an old lady, that sounds kinda nice. For the climate, not so much.

  6. That arch is beautiful. Horses not only during their racing careers but afterwards when they have no use to owners. Humans suck a lot of the time.