Monday, February 6, 2023

A Ride to the Distribution Center

After a really warm day yesterday, with the wind out of the north, it was a cold day today with increased wind out of the north.  The weather said it was 20 mph.  It was a good day for Jim to see his favorite dermatologist who sprayed him with liquid nitrogen, especially on the top of his head.  As is always the case, Jim looks like he's been attacked by a cheese grater.  

Yesterday we made it to the new Amazon distribution center on our bikes.  Amazon in Tucson has amazing delivery times.  They have a big distribution center south and east of the city, and now there is a new built north and west of the city.  There is some public art on site.  These are birds of some sort.

See the long, shed roof attached to the side of the building?  There are doors under it that are of a height to be used for loading Sprinter vans.  The loading bay doors for tractor trailers, which are much bigger, are around to the side.  In Tucson, Amazon pretty much does most, if not all, of its delivering in Amazon vans.  In Spokane they use USPS and UPS, and delivery times, even with Prime, are considerably slower.  It's an amazingly large building.

Tucson reclaims water.  I posted about it previously here.  No golf courses or parks are watered with drinking water, it's all reclaimed.  Yay Tucson for water management.  When we left the distribution center, we went down to look at the water.  It's reclaimed, hasn't been through the wetlands, and smells like laundry.  The water in the wetlands is clean enough to grow fish.  I don't know about this water.  Anyway, if you look carefully, you can see there are two men fishing down there.

This is the pipe from the treatment plant releasing water.  It was making a fearsome noise.

Other than this, I have nothing important to say about anything.

Update:  Here is a panorama shot that Google sent me.


  1. I can't find the two men fishing, but not for want of trying.

  2. All those SW states and CA are going to need to follow Tucson's lead. I think I see the men fishing although they may be vegetation. LOL

  3. Interesting sculpture, though I can't help cynically wondering what effect the construction of that huge distribution center had on populations of REAL birds.

  4. Amazon has taken over the planet. I am definitely complicit in this sobering reality. The size of that distribution center gives me pause.