Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Still Hauling Rocks

There are some really really unattractive plants in this yard.  We dug up another one today, its root ball was bigger than my head.  We had to buy "dirt" to fill in the hole.  I don't think it's really dirt, it looks like there is a lot of ground up wood in the mix.  Anyway, it did the job and leveled where the plant used to be.  There are two more ugly ones, but I think I will wait until spring to dig them up.  Then we poured volcanic rock everywhere to try to make it look like the rest of the border.  After that, we had an hour or so with the weed stickers pulling up the ground cover weeds out of the graveled path. 

We also cut down the dead pyramidalis and cut it into little pieces.  Our neighbor had room in her yard waste container, so it'll be taken out for composting tomorrow.  Next year we're going to have to have one of those, I think.  Even though there is now a gap in the row of trees, it's nice not to have to look at the poor dead thing.

There was a sunset recently.  We need to clean the kitchen window, it's interesting how visible the water spots on the glass are.

This morning there were deer.

The baby stood and looked at me for a bit.  There was also a male with a good sized set of antlers, but he was too far away to get a picture.

Thursday the junk guys are coming.  I am so excited about this.  We haven't been able to put the Jeep in the garage because of the debris.  The office chair is not going, but the boxes and shelving units are leaving.

These are the bags containing the honey suckle we cut down, and the day lillies that are gone.  Those are heavy bags.

The previous owners had objects stuck in the ground in many places.  They, too, are leaving.  Right now, the path is a trip hazard, and I'm looking forward to it being cleared out.  The tubes you see snaking across the ground are part of the irrigation system that we currently have turned off.  It was running too often, for too long and leaking. Hopefully the sprinkler guy can work us in to his schedule on Friday because he'll be in the neighborhood up the hill.

Governor Abbot was asked today why there was no exemption for victims of rape in the new anti-abortion bill.  He replied with the fact that the woman has six weeks to get it done so why is that a problem.  He then followed up with a statement that he would be eliminating rape in Texas by searching out and arresting all future rapists. ( I'm having trouble with that logic path.)  Unfortunately, no one on the press asked him why Texas has a backlog of 6,000 or so rape kits that have yet to be worked up.  Meanwhile, the snitch website to report people has been kicked off its second platform, so currently they are de-platformed.  First Go-Daddy dumped them, then Epik.

Northern Idaho has adopted "crisis standards of care," meaning they are rationing treatment.  If you're not a good bet to survive, you're moved out to comfort care.  Idaho has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country.  I wonder how the recently transplanted Californians are feeling right about now.  

So, other than this, I have nothing interesting to recount. 

Later... we have smoke moving in.  There is a contrail cutting across the sun, which was pretty cool.


  1. You certainly have been doing a lot of work! You have beautiful grass. No wonder that doe is checking it out! Love the contrail pic.

  2. You'll have those plantings whipped into shape in no time at this rate!

  3. Texas is a dumpster fire apparently, filled with people who hate women and logic. I am extremely curious how you search out and arrest all future rapists. Will all men be incarcerated? Perhaps this is a case of misandry and not misogyny as we thought.

  4. if I lived near you I'd take those shepherd's crooks off your hands. and I have to say, I'm glad we don't get deer in our yard. there's deer out here but not where we live surrounded by corn and cotton fields. Abbott is a fucking idiot. he makes health care near impossible for women and then wants to know what the problem is. I expect he'll just issue an edict proclaiming all sex in Texas is consensual. there, no rapists. this and the new voter suppression bill aimed at Harris county which gained half a million democratic voters since the last census. if republicans lose Harris county, they lose Texas.

    1. Yes, those shepherd's crooks are great for birdfeeders, and they aren't cheap (cheep!cheep!) I wish I could nab them too! I agree with you about the deer...lovely to look at, but don't come in my yard and eat my plants!

  5. I cannot see Texas surviving the logic of law. We'll see.

  6. Things appear to be moving right along with your move-in process. I love that you have deer walking through your yard.
    In my mind, Texas is pretty much being run by the Taliban now. I'll stay away.

  7. You're not in the desert anymore! As for Texas, I can't with them.