Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Booster Shots and Shoes

As it turned out, we did not go downtown Spokane on Tuesday, we went and got BOOSTER SHOTS!!!! We got them at Safeway, it was not a hassle, there were no lines and the pharmacist was very nice.  We'll probably go back next week for flu shots.  Hopefully they will have the four times strength flu vaccine in stock so we can get that one.  Next year we have to get the TDAP booster, I do not want to get pertussis or tetanus, so we go in every ten years for the shot.  The Covid booster has not been terrible.  I have a little redness and a lump at the injection site, but that's about it.  

Today was downtown Spokane day.  There are some attractive old buildings there, well old by standards in the US.  I don't know what this one is.  It's getting some rehabbing work which is always good.

This is a Presbyterian church.  It's just lovely.

We went to REI to return the five pairs of shoes we'd ordered online from them.  Their return process is flawless, it's fast and they don't make you feel like the money is coming out of their paychecks.  While there we had to look at other stuff.

We looked at snow shoes.  Look at that, they have arrived in our garage.  Last year they sold out way before the first snow fall.  The snow shoe guy doesn't think demand will be that high this year, but then again, the freighters are all stuck out on the water and not off loading stuff.  You can return for a year for any reason, so we got them.  Now we need snow.

We also looked at shoes.  I mentioned earlier that the Hoka Sky Toas were not working for Jim.  No, I have no idea why they named a shoe a Sky Toa.  Anyway, they went back today.  However, they did have Hoka Speed Goats in stock.  Jim tried them and liked them, and more importantly his feet liked them.  That's his Goat on the left, mine is on the right.  Mine are very cheerful.  They're water proof, the sole is not so stiff that they hurt when walking on concrete.  We have those shoes already for hiking.  These are actually going to the grocery store shoes.

I think we're done with shoes for awhile.  Now we have to move on to woolly hats, gloves and all of that.  We are not spending the winter in the house, we will go outside and embrace freezing cold weather.

After that it was off to Costco for staples.  The eight pound package of pasta we have been buying was not available, nor were the Nature's Bakery cookies or the marinara sauce we like.  Not sure if it's shortages or regional differences in what they carry.  The important thing was there was much toilet paper and many paper towels.

So, that was today and yesterday.  Tomorrow is a ride day.


  1. We got flu shots last week. Waiting for a few days for covid. And you made me realize we need tetanus but that will probably be after the first of the year. Those make my arm so incredibly sore. We are still having some rain down here. Its wonderful. Much better than snow (IMO). I hate shoe shopping but need to get it done. Glad you found something that works.

  2. Well I'm glad you got your shoes ironed out, and the snowshoes too! I love that old building, whatever it is. I've never been to Spokane and I have no mental picture of the city at all, so it will be interesting to see more on your blog. And congrats on the booster! We haven't heard anything about ours yet, but the government says one is definitely coming.

  3. Downtown is lovely, shoes even better. I hope you have the winter you are expecting.

  4. We had some really lovely art deco buildings in a neighborhood retail area in Houston. did they save them when they wanted to expand/modernize? hell no. same for an award winning design for a YWCA. building needed some fixing up but the land had got too valuable so they tore it down.

    glad you are getting fitted out for the cold and snow. I'll be glad to see pictures but have no desire to experience it first hand.

  5. Congrats on the booster. I got mine two weeks ago right before the full approval was given. Walgreens was giving them to anyone who felt compromised in any way. I actually was advised by a Dr. to get an antibody test a month ago. I did ($99) and it showed that my antibody level was very low. So, I found out that Walgreens was giving boosters and off I went. It was easy, quick and no questions asked and the only reaction was a slight soreness at the injection site. Flu shot is next.
    I see you are preparing for a much colder winter than you experienced last year. Good for you. I'm betting you will have some winter fun.
    I love the buildings you photographed. I don't think I've ever been to Spokane so I'll have to learn about the city from your posts.

  6. I got my booster too and had the side effects 24 hours later. (horrible headache and chills) I didn't have much reaction to the first two, so I was surprised. Still worth it 100%! I like Spokane and was there many times for sporting activities. Those are great looking shoes. I've been wearing low and high top Keens for my walking and hiking. They're comfortable but don't hold up as well as I would have expected for the price.

  7. I don't qualify for a booster yet, but my folks have just gotten theirs, and that is most important. I will get one just as soon as they let us "younguns" (under 65ers) join the party. Nice shoes and snowshoes!