Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Furniture, Yard Work and Current Events

Not much (anything) exciting is happening in Spokane.  We assembled my sewing table, it went well.  The directions were good, all of the parts were present and it wasn't terrible.  Yesterday we did the desk we ordered from Target and it was completely nightmarish.  This is the exploded parts diagram.  I'm not going to go in to the gory details, but it was a difficult build.  We ended up short one screw that holds the top to the frame.  The top is melamine and it's heavy enough that we're just not going to worry about it.

Basically, its function is to hold up the printer.  Once the filing cabinet (arriving fully assembled!) gets here, we can finish this room and move on to something else.


Today I dug up a bed of day lillies.  I do not like them, they are gone now.  They were in a raised bed which I'm now going to cover in rocks.  There is a surprising amount of rock being used as ground cover.  It used to be bark, but now it's rocks.  We trimmed a couple of trees, which was hard.  Waving the hedge trimmer over your head is tiring.  Progress is being made, albeit slowly.

So, for my blog as aide de memoir, I would like to contemplate the fact that we left Afghanistan the day before yesterday.  Twenty years we were there.  Things are going to be dire.  Before the endless wars, they were 90% food sufficient, now they are 10%.  There will be famine.  I have zero faith in the ability of the Taliban to actually run a government, they're more well suited for cruelty.

Today, Texas has outlawed abortions at six weeks.  That's before most women know they are pregnant.  It's a heart beat law, which is just a farce, at six weeks there is no heart.  There are a few cells fluttering, that will become the heart, but the heart is not yet formed.  Enforcement of the law has been delegated to the citizens of Texas.  They can call in and report a suspected abortion, or citizens can sue anyone they suspect of performing an abortion, or anyone (like an Uber driver) who helped the woman get to a clinic.  It's just perverse.  They've also passed more Jim Crow voting laws.  I personally think this is today's sign that the end has arrived.  The GOP, the party of "life" is the same party that approved open carry for all in Texas, and the party that wanted to deny school lunches to grade school kids because it might spoil the children. 

Fall is in the air here.  It's warming for the next few days, but the locals tell me the first hard freeze will be mid-October.  I have got to buy some shoes that don't have mesh tops.  Two of our neighbors enjoy snow shoeing and wearing their Yak Trax on steep trails.  Warm clothing will have to be acquired, and soon.  I think I might like the snow shoes, they're very aerobic.


  1. Well, the Target desk LOOKS good, anyway, even if it was a nightmare to build! I wish you could mail your day lilies to me!

  2. No day lilies accepted here. We threw every one we dug up over the ravine, to be ravine lilies. I haven't gone back there to look.

  3. You are going to need to do some shopping for some winter duds.

  4. It's a ridiculous law and unenforceable. you can report a suspected abortion but the state cannot do anything about it because there is no enforcement written into the law. they are counting on individuals and groups filing civil actions in which they have to prove an abortion took place after 6 weeks and if successful they will get a $10,000 reward. they can file against not just the woman and the doctor but anyone who helps her get to the clinic, even an uber driver. the state is counting on the crazies filing frivolous lawsuits so in essence it's enforcement by harassment. the state thinks women will not get help or will not seek an abortion for fear of a civil lawsuit being filed. so stupid.