Friday, September 10, 2021

Let the Buying Begin!

We are woefully under kitted for winter feet.  I am ordering shoes from the comfort of my comfy chair.  I hate trying on shoes more than just about anything.  I've ordered cute boots from REI, which have arrived.  They're probably going back - they discomfit my outermost three toes, they're a little too pointy for my feet.  My toes have not been constrained in decades and they're not happy about the idea.

I just ordered these from REI for Jim.  It would be nice if they could be an everyday shoe.  Maybe, maybe not.

These are for me, from Zappos (free shipping, free returns).   As a rule, I don't do well with higher boots because I pronate so badly.  However, I need something for snow shoeing, although I guess I could just get gaiters.  No wait, no snow shoeing in the cute boots. 

Then there is the question of where does one put one's wet snowy boots upon arrival in the garage?  I was out on the decorating sites and many of them are pushing rimmed cookie trays full of attractive rocks.  The rocks hold the foot wear out of the water allowing for better drying.  However, once the cookie tray is full of water the pebbles make dumping it difficult.  We have not had to think about wet shoes since 2007, we're out of practice on this sort of thing.

I have completed the removal of the ground creeping weed that lives around here in abundance.  I'm done with sitting in the rocks prying them up with the weed sticker.  Any survivors or pieces I missed will be getting hit with RoundUp.  That was two days of my life I will never get back.

Oh, and there are toe socks so we can continue wearing the flip flops in the house.  I am not at all sure how these are going to work out.  Both of us hate slippers, so that may motivate us to like the socks.

This was taken the other morning, it was a pretty sky.

So, that's it, buying shoes and digging up weeds.


  1. I like the black and grey Hoka's for Jim. Please let us know how he likes them and I might start saving some cash, so I can afford them! :-) Lisa just got her first pair of Hoka's for walking on hard surfaces and she likes them so far.

  2. We lived our entire lives in Western New York, where it rains and snows regularly and never have we given a single thought to where our wet shoes/boots live when they weren't on our feet! There was always a cheap black boot tray (Rubber or plastic) by the door. (walmart, Target, etc.) They have ribs on them to keep your shoes out of the moisture. If it gets to wet you just pour it out and wipe it with an old towel. If you stamp the snow off outside before you come in, you shouldn't have much water accumulation!

  3. I don't buy shoes or clothes without trying them on since sizes vary so much between makers and I don't want the hassle of having to send stuff back because it doesn't fit or I don't like the feel of the fabric even if return shipping is free. and I don't do snow. it's cold and wet and when it gots on you you are cold and wet. I prefer seeing it in pictures. or the rare 4" we get that is gone by mid-day.

  4. I haven't had toe socks since the '70s! Remember those stripey ones they used to sell mostly as a novelty? These newer ones will probably fit better.

  5. You are smart to send the cute boots back. Anything that pinches your toes closer together is not good for your feet and can result in bunions and blisters. You want a wide forefront for comfort and foot health! I have a terrible time with shoes also (narrow heels and persnickety toes with arthritis in my big toe joints) and hate buying them for that reason. Hope some of your finds will work out for you and Jim.

  6. Assuming your rocks will be in the garage, punch little holes in your cookie sheet. Water will drain away. I also hate to try on shoes mainly because I can't find any that fit. I will buy online but it's never my first, second, or third choice.