Saturday, August 14, 2021

There's Always Another Sunset

 Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgh.  My feet are screaming.  At this point, we still have the TV and associated electronics to box up.  We left that for tomorrow so that we'd have one more night of mindless entertainment.  There are also three lamps remaining.  I'm really hoping we didn't push too much stuff into Sunday, because that is the day we pick up the truck and auto transport, and staff at U-Haul take just about forever to do things.

Last night there was some sunset.  These are cell phone pictures.  Not great, but that's what there is.  The big camera with the stuck battery is still stuck.  We're just going to leave it alone until we get to Spokane.

Back in March of 2020, when grocery stores were running out of food we stocked up on shelf stable food.  I hesitate to call Velveeta food, but hey, any port in a storm.  It's been in the refrigerator since then.  We took it out today to have a look, it really doesn't look bad.  We didn't try it, we weren't that brave.

Today was interesting.  A Penske truck showed up in front of the neighbor's house with the terrible yard.  The lift gate went down, we saw mens' legs on it, and then the lift gate went back up.  Nothing seemed to go in or out of the truck.  It's a big truck.

Later, a young man stopped in front of the neighbor's and knocked on the door.  True to form, the neighbor did not answer the knock.  As the man was walking away, he asked me if the house was empty, I told him no, knock louder and wait for a bit.  After asking if we had an HOA, he volunteered that the house is in foreclosure.  One wonders if it is for non payment of property taxes, or non payment of the fines the HOA has levied for non-compliance with the CC&Rs.  We will probably never know.  As much as the man irritates me, I feel bad for him.  I wonder what will happen to him.

It rained a lot last night.  Early in the morning it cleared up and was a nice day.  Then the clouds rolled in.  The cell phone makes the edges of the photo look weird.  See the agave flower spike sticking up?  There was a Desert Cardinal sitting at the top of it.  He was singing a lot, it sort of sounded like he was repeating "eager."

It's raining hard out in the distance.

So, that's been today, head down in the boxes.

Update to post:  I forgot to add this picture of clouds. They're kind of pretty.


  1. Almost done on this end. Hang in.

  2. another reason I would never live in a neighborhood with an HOA. it's one thing to have the bank or state foreclose due to non-payment of mortgage or taxes, but HOAs should not be able to take someone's home because they didn't pay their dues. Poor guy, he must have mental problems, I think hoarders generally do. I guess they'll just toss the guy out on the street. Does he have any family?

    almost there! then you get to do it all in reverse.

  3. I love reading about your move and your packing. I always think moving is so exciting!

    I feel bad for your neighbor too. Hoarders really do often have issues such as unresolved trauma. I wonder what he's been through in his life. Or is he just difficult? We may never know!

  4. Any Port in a Storm, that Line cracked me up... ain't it the Truth! Now you're at the tail end of packing and pushing the rest will not be quite as stressful and seem like more of a grand Adventure you're embarking upon. I feel bad for that Neighbor too, I don't know if he's one that could have been helped or not, so many people never get the help they need even if it could have made a difference for them. Once it becomes the worst case scenario it's a day late and a dollar short usually. Safe Travels to Spokane!

  5. Beautiful photos! The second one, when I first looked at it, looked like a bit like a lake with the sunlight reflecting off it. I used to love grilled cheese with Velveeta as a child. It melts really well. I wouldn't eat it non-melted. I think it lasts forever, the amazing plastic "cheeze".

  6. One day after another, move is coming.

  7. AZ has pretty skies and interesting plants. It is likely to be an unpleasant confrontation for your neighbor. Hope he has some family to help him through the days.