Friday, August 6, 2021

Packing and the Neighbor

Greetings Fellow Humans!  How are you?  I feel like people have been beating the bottoms of my feet with rubber hoses; not that I've ever had that happen, but that's how I imagine it would feel.  I'm currently in my recliner writing this, no more on the feet for me today.  This is how life is being lived in the house at the moment.

This is the fragile grouping; china and stuff like that there.

Lamps.  Lamps are just the work of the devil.  Each lamp generates two boxes, one for the base and one for the shade.

Miscellaneous stuff.

Progress is being made, but it feels like we've spent more time in the car this past week than in previous months.  Jim's had three appointments with his fleet of medical professionals, there was a trip to Costco to replace Jim's dead laptop, two trips were required to get four bikes to the bike store, and today there was one trip with two cars to pick up said bikes.  We decided to have the road bikes professionally packed in bike cartons so their chances of surviving the drive to Spokane would be increased.  The truck rental is just fraught with anxiety.  We checked on it yesterday, and somehow our reservation had been changed from a 26 foot to a 20 foot truck.  It's an interesting process, you don't get to choose where you will pick up the truck, they text two days prior and tell you where it will be.  This whole truck rental is just giving me the willies.

In every neighborhood there seems to be the homeowner who is not like the other neighbors.  Ours is across the street.  For three years we have been badgering the HOA to make him clean up his yard, but to no avail.  It's an eyesore, people drive by in golf carts and stop and point.  Anyway, yesterday three ladies came by and inspected the property and took photos.  Allegedly the photos are in support of a case being brought to get a court order to clean up the yard.  Today one of the ladies came back and talked to the owner briefly.  Then a Junk King truck showed up.

We were wildly excited, thinking they were going to do something about the abandoned car, the weeds, the dead trees, and etc.  But no, they're only going to be working in the house.  We talked to the Junk King lady for a bit.  Apparently there is mold and mildew in the house.  There is also a cat, but there is no cat litter in evidence.  It's pretty bad in there, respirators may be required.  The owner is not letting them take too much, he's a hoarder.  The Junk King lady is going to call a department in adult services that might come out and clean.  All of the carpet needs to be removed.  It's unlikely that the flat roof has been done in years, one wonders if the roof has leaked during the recent rains. The lady from yesterday, who also chatted for awhile mentioned that she's been helping the owner recently, stuff like going to the dentist, the doctor, the bank, and getting the flat tire on his golf cart fixed.  He's paying her, so at least he has some help.

So, after being faced with this for three years, and being low level angry about it daily, it looks like maybe there will be some resolution to it. 

The prickly pear fruit are becoming a deeper purplish red.

If you look closely, you can see that one fruit has split open, and there are seeds inside.

 We're hoping this will be a sign of more rain.

So, that's what we're up to - primarily putting things in boxes.

Oh, and ebay refunded the cost of the jacket I didn't receive and shipping this morning.


  1. I hate moving. It's so much work, although it does force you to declutter which is always nice.

    So the house across the street, the eyesore, is getting tended to as you move. Frustrating but good as well.

  2. Moving is so much Work and you're doing it in such an Organized way. That's how I started but close to the end wasn't how I ended. *LOL* When it's all behind you then it's like a breath of fresh air! Sorry to hear you had that neighbor who clearly isn't in their right Mind and has deplorable living conditions, it's perhaps good that people are involved now and something will be done not only for the property, but for a Human Being whose declined so much in Mental Health that they probably should be at the very least in Assisted Living so they're sanitary and safe. Frustrating that you all had to deal with it for so many Years and just as you're Moving, finally something is being done about it.

  3. well, I hope you got your 26 foot truck back on order. moving is such a pain. the last time we moved though we did it over a period of about a year. a couple of boxes and one piece of furniture at a time. of course we were keeping both houses at the time, still had our studio/shop at the old house. walked into the old house one day to realize we had moved, just a little basic stuff left for when we were in the city to work.

  4. WOW if we had to move in short order i would just make a bon fire- we have been watching hoarders on Amazon prime because it if free...understanding the mental illness that is hoarding is difficult at best. Odd disconnect.
    You are amazingly well organized! KUDOS to you!

  5. Well, I'm glad the jacket thing got resolved. Your neighbor should be on "Hoarders"!

  6. Are you driving yourselves to WA? I'm confused by the 20' truck. Is someone else packing it? I cannot imagine moving myself anymore.

  7. Think twice about them bringing a smaller truck. That happened to me when we moved back to TX. And, the smaller truck held only about 1/2 of our stuff. So, they had to bring in a 2nd truck which they did not fill completely. The moving company wouldn't release the 2nd truck until it was unloaded to another smaller one and then shipped down - took about 5 weeks. And, the worst - the beds were in the 2nd load plus they damaged all my furniture and had to have most of it repaired and/or replaced. Be careful!

    1. Stories like yours, and I'm really sorry this happened to you, are why we're renting a uhaul and driving ourselves. I do not trust moving companies at all.

  8. Hope the move goes smoothly.and you get the 26 ft truck...

  9. Oh lordy, I don't envy you one bit. Moving is such a PITA! When we move from this rental into the house we are building, we will only have a small van's worth of stuff to move, since we divested ourselves of most of it in 2010. But of course we'll accumulate a lot more in the new house -- big things like a sectional, beds, and such, so the only solution is never to move again after that! I really hope your move goes smoothly.