Friday, August 13, 2021

One More Sunset

 My big camera, that I use to take the sunset pictures, has a problem.  The spring that pushes the battery out is dead, so the battery can't be extracted.  It's always something, it's never good.  Anyway, this was an interesting sky the other night.  Many colors were in evidence.

We saw the escrow people this morning and signed papers.  The buyers have already signed, so I guess the deed will record next Tuesday and this will be done.

These are the Catalina Mountains up north.  Look how green the mountain sides are.  Last year they were completely brown and sad.

Well, it's time to put more stuff in boxes. 


  1. I sold a bunch in eBay, to help moving, and one was sale my Nikon. For some reason I decided to switch out the original battery with a new one, and found I had a fairly common problem called battery swell, that happens to lithium ion's. With the help of google I got it out. That may be the problem you have, and not a defunct spring. And in either case, removal probably is the same. Somehow pry the battery high enough to use needle nose pliers. If this helps...

  2. Dramatic! Sunsets are not easy to capture accurately.

  3. And the sun sets on this adventure and you can look forward to new adventures.

  4. almost time for your new grand adventure. from one extreme to another.

  5. What Ellen said! one extreme to another, I hope that you will not regret the move once the winter sets in.
    That is a glorious sky!!!