Monday, August 9, 2021

Whining and Packing

You know what I hate about packing?  Well, all of it, but in particular I hate it when I put something in a box, with unlike stuff, don't write the item name on the box, and now the item is essentially lost until the box is opened.  I bought some white gloves on Amazon.  The white newsprint that I pack with must be flattened out some before you can stack it and fold it.  Running your hands across paper for hours just sucks the life out of your skin.  I packed the gloves.  No idea where they are.  So I ordered more from Amazon.  Anyway, the gloves are gone, and my tiny zebra print cross body bag is gone.  It was on top of a chest, now it's gone.  I can only assume I packed it, since it isn't there anymore.  I have zero memory of doing that.  Perhaps I am losing my mind.  I'm documenting this for if we ever decide to move again.

We rode again this morning.  It was a slog, we're kind of tired, and getting up at 6:30 to ride is not helping.  It was good to get out and get some exercise, however. 

I took this with the cell phone - it's a Black Chinned hummingbird.  They're going to miss me when I'm gone.

The bougainvillea is boisterous.

We got the wall art in Tubac.  We're leaving it.  Oddly enough there is one on the house we bought, and we really do not need two.

Wind last night blew the petals into the entryway.

I get the most interesting articles in my news feed on the phone.  Reading this was like reading a garbled translation done by someone who speaks neither language.  The article clarified a little.  It's something to do with mining (as in bitcoin mining) block chains and something is changing and to get people to move to the new software, they're detonating "difficulty bombs" (more software) to get people on the newest level of code.  Personally, I think cryptocurrencies should be banned, their environmental footprints are just horrendous.

So, that's it.  Packing, whining and difficulty bombs.


  1. I found unpacking to be like unwrapping Christmas presents! I found lots of things that I thought I'd lost forever! Merry Christmas in August!

  2. All of Packing sucks, some of unpacking does too, but like Suzi said, unpacking it somewhat like Christmas since you never know what is in that Box... really... because tho' you may have written Labels... I did what you did and Surprises abounded! I'm still unpacking, we moved last February, now I've completely forgotten what might be MIA or in those remaining Boxes! May your Move be a Smooth one and you get Settled in nicely to the next leg of your Life's Journey. As someone who recently did a Big Move, wait a while to unpack all but the necessities, it will give you more time to relax and enjoy the Simplicity of Less is More in what you really Need in Life.

  3. That bougainvillea is audacious indeed. I love the color, the way it shows off boisterously, as you say. Packing is always a nightmare, but you're moving several states away, so watching you from where I am, feeling as if I am at a sort of standstill, it looks to me as if you are moving audaciously, beautifully, boldly, forward. Soon you will be unpacking all those boxes and making welcome discoveries. I look forward to following that process, too.

  4. I have done that so many times - packing ... put something even close to the box ... it is absorbed into said box without my knowledge. Lost now in space and time. Just think - unpacking will be like open surprise packages! Never know completely what you'll find.

  5. I totally don't get cryptocurrency. can you buy groceries with it, pay your utilities, your mortgage, buy clothes? what the fuck good is it?

    your bougainvillea is gorgeous. got to get me a new one. and your gate which only peeks past the wall is wonderful.

  6. Yeah, that headline means nothing to me. I've decided that cryptocurrency is just one of those things that I don't have to understand.

    Packing is always a nightmare. I hope you find everything when the time comes to open those boxes!

  7. I completely agree about cryptocurrency. At first I thought it was cool, before I learned about the environmental impacts. Can you imagine our grandparents suddenly being resurrected into the world we're living in now?

    LOVE the sun metal art and your bougainvillea. Both make me miss Mexico a bit!

  8. Ah, yes, the land of missing essentials! I hope I can remember where I put my toothbrush and toothpaste, when I finally pack them.