Thursday, April 1, 2021


Hola - que paso?  We pretty much have nada going on here.  The wind is becoming very tedious.  Today we have sustained wind in the upper 20's and gusts to 45.  The bad thing about this, is that it's shredding the palm tree fronds.  They're broken from being bashed about and they just look sad.  Eventually we'll have them cut off, done by people with longer ladders and no fear of heights, but at present they're just sad.  I am trying not to look there.  Also, it's supposed to his 97 degrees on Sunday, which is pretty dang hot for this early in the year.

We did have a pretty good sunset last Monday.  It's been sitting in my camera because I forgot about it.

 The squirrel came to visit us.  He has a magnificent tail, it's really long.

The agave has started its bloom.  It's putting out some impressive stamens.  We should probably drive over there and see what it's doing today.  There will not be riding of the bike in this weather.

I find that I am not paying so much attention to the federal government as I did when the orange ectoplasm was in office.  Instead, the movement of republican batshit crazy to the state houses has just been horrifying.  One of the most  recent bills passed in AZ is one that proclaims that AZ law enforcement does not have to enforce any federal gun laws.  It won't make it through the courts, federal law trumps state law.  It will be yet another exercise in performative conservative theater.  Today a bill to ban all abortions was announced.  Last year prop 208 passed by a huge margin, providing money for schools by levying a 3.5% tax on incomes over $500,000 (filing jointly).  Now the legislature is writing a bill that would negate this, concurrent with the Gilbert school district laying off 150 employees.  Apparently the "will of the people" does not mean anything anymore.

This is the latest word on energy policy from politicians in a state where solar works pretty well.  

PHOENIX (AP) — As states across the U.S. West beef up their renewable energy mandates, a push to do so in Arizona has been met by fierce resistance from the Republican governor and GOP-dominated Legislature. Lawmakers are looking to strip elected utility regulators of their power to set energy policy in one of the nation’s sunniest states. Utilities are well on their way to meeting Arizona’s 15% renewable energy mandate by 2024. Environmentalists worry that progress would stall if power companies aren’t forced to keep installing green technologies at a time when Arizona faces more extreme heat from climate change. Republican lawmakers supporting the move say the Legislature is the better venue to decide on energy policy.

Let's think about that last sentence.  The people in the legislature are the people who want to suppress the vote and limit voting to "quality voters."  These people are idiots and racists.  Again, it makes us wonder if we should live somewhere else. 

The other thing I am currently complaining about is the orange blossoms.  They're having a banner year of blooming and I swear I can feel pollen accumulating in my bronchioles.  No windows on that side of the house can be opened until blooming is done.

So that's it, that's all the complaining from me for today.


  1. Well, here's Ohio's solar energy problem. The big red southern half of the state is farm land, acre after acre after acre. It also is predominately sunny. Solar panel companies are leasing land on 30 year contracts, and they're growing a lotta sun panels down there. Guess what. They're ruining the view. Many farms can not make a profit, or the kids don't want to run the farm. Renting all those acres for thirty years, with contracts that say they will cart all the hardware away at the end, pays the taxes and gives the owners a living. But, there are a lot of beautiful acres bought up by rich folks who build beautiful houses or pour big bucks into renovating old farmhouses. And their view is spoilt. They don't want to look over acres of solar panels. Acres of mud and sprinkling equipment ain't so lovely, either, but I guess they didn't notice that.

  2. Orange blossoms, lemon blossoms....Dave thinks they smell divine and would happily keep all our windows open if they were blooming near us! Too bad you can't send it this way!

  3. Arizona legislaturists will regret, and the resident will bear the impact of that short sighted policy (just ask Texans). Imagine this scenario: A red hot extended record setting mid summer heat wave...air conditioners can't keep up, and the grid goes down or has rolling blackouts. People will die from such a policy. Green can help take a load off the grid in daytimes when power is most needed. The ability to reason is what separates us from Texas...but not any more.

  4. I've been less focused on the government as well now that a functioning adult is in charge. and I do think they will pass the voting rights act which will negate these stupid republican efforts at voter suppression. in the meantime the lawsuits will hold up implementation. but the part that really gets to me is the one (in more than one state I think) that the legislature can override the will of the people and the popular vote and appoint who they want the winner to be. wtf?

  5. I was always told, growing up in Florida, that orange blossoms don't produce as much pollen as trees, which are usually blooming at the same time. So people often blame orange blossoms for their allergies when they're actually sneezing because of pines and oaks. Of course I have no idea whether this is true in Arizona!

    I am happy to ignore the federal government for a while. I want a boring government. Good government SHOULD be boring.

    1. No oaks, few pines. The steenking yellow trees aren't blooming yet. We have a very long pollen season here.

  6. God, Allison, I really hope Arizona is able to organize and vote in a whole new state legislature in the coming years. Your GOP crew seems to have lost all reason, not to mention humanity. It's horrifying to observe, and sadly, AZ is hardly alone.

  7. It's a relief not to have to pay SO much attention to the Federal Govt., yet, living here in AZ where they're trying to pass so many demented Bills has me riled up. AZ is not hardly alone in these oppressive endeavors, the Bat Shit Crazy Party knows they could never win fairly again now that they've shown their true colors and Hatred... so the only option they have is to undermine everything they can against the Will of the American People and the Majority. The Minority Party is in real trouble after supporting The Lunatic Orange Wanna Be Dictator... no amount of damage control can undo what they presented to The People about who they are and what they're all about. Only their most rabid Base will ever be Loyal to them now.

  8. That squirrel must be so hot! It's tough that you are still stuck with nutcases locally but your federal government is not in the European news almost every day any more with some new madness, so that must be good.