Friday, April 16, 2021

Bees in the Pollen

A bee butt in a prickly pear blossom.

A pollen coated bee looking up at me from the blossom.

It was cloudy yesterday, the colors were not very bright.

If you run "boost" up to high in picasa, it makes a nice image.

I was going to write a screed about why do cops have to keep killing Black and Brown people, or why do we have so many mass shootings and stuff like that.  But I think I won't.  This country is just sick in the head, and talking about it does nothing.


  1. That's the worst of it. No one seems to give a rat's hairy brown ass. I keep planning my next protest and just fall back in the chair, defeated,

  2. Considering how this country was founded- considering the original purpose of the police hunting down escaped slaves, considering the patriarchy and considering the second amendment I mean really is it any wonder with a recipe like that that this country is a very bad cake?

  3. we are a violent nation and a violent people. our entertainment is full of violence. and as a country, we have been at war, one war or another and sometimes more than one at a time, for almost every year of our existence. the question is, what made us so violent? and we seem to be getting worse, not better. and this new 'America First' caucus the far right white supremacists are forming following 'Anglo-Saxon' ideals. have you read about this? do you read Heather Cox Richardson's newsletters? the one today is all about that.

    great shots of the bee in the cactus flower.

  4. I was listening to a Republican congressman on CNN today and he was explaining why guns are so good. He also equated gun control with communism and socialism which I didn't get. He didn't seem overly bright. It's a crime what goes on everyday in the US, people killing people. We're not perfect here but I really don't see why guns are necessary unless you hunt. It's sad.

    1. A Republican congressman "not too bright." I think that's the norm. How do these people ever get elected?

  5. I love the second photo of the bee looking up from the flower. Nice shot!

  6. Your photos are stunning. LOVE the pollen-coated bee.

  7. That bee is really coated in pollen. Good to see!