Sunday, April 4, 2021


Happy Easter, or what ever holiday you support this time of year. When we were out riding this morning, two people said "Happy Easter" to us.  It was kind of weird.  At present we are unchurched, but it was pleasant to hear the words from people we don't know.  It was a hot ride, the forecast for today, April 4, is for 97.  I guess summer starts in April now.

Yesterday we went out to Bach's nursery.  It's way far up north, but it was something to do.  We got behind this restored pick-up at a light.  It's a 50's era Chevy of some sort, according to the car guy.  The paint was just amazing, it looked deep.

We have a prickly pear that appears to be on its last legs.  We're thinking about replacing it with a White Stripe agave.  I forgot to ask if it's in danger from the agave weevils.  Thus far we like it better than the Artichoke and Cabbage Head agaves.  Bach's plants look good, lately many plants we've seen just look terrible.

They had a table full of desert roses.  I would love to have one of these, but they will not take full sun, and so there is nowhere to put them.  The blooming cactus at the bottom is also just cuter than a bug.

This is the agave last Friday, starting to open.

 This is the agave today.

 That's it, that's all I've got! 


  1. I reckon that soon folks will head up north, why fry?
    That truck is a marvelous thing, though that color very nearly gives me a head ache . My eyes are dim.
    Feeling pretty sassy up here- pfizer's got our thumbs up!!

  2. Happy Easter, Merry Christmas, Happy Valentines, Happy Mother's Day, etc. are just pleasant salutations to me. Don't jump on me that some are religious, some are Hallmark.....just happy salutations and connections to other human beings.

  3. And the person who has to know everything wonders if HD are Turnr's first initials, or if they mean something to someone who knows, like HighDensity or HotDamn, or some such.

  4. Hasn't Summer always started in April in the Desert? *winks* I mean, we had our Day and a Half of Spring here in Phoenix, so we're done now I guess. *LOL* We've been seeing this Desert Succulent that looks like Sticks and goes Reddish on top, beautiful, must find out what it is, seems to take full Sun well and would look Divine in Pots.

  5. I'm glad the wind didn't topple the agave before you got to see it bloom. I like those white-stripe agaves too. I remember seeing them (or something like them) in Florida.

  6. I can remember a few years in Tempe when we hit triple digits by the end of March. I do not miss those days! The Desert Rose I brought with me from AZ froze this year. So far all the branches have died. I'm hopeful the base will produce new ones.

  7. When you find that you have lost your way, that there is no way out for you, know that your strength must be in the Lord. He will sustain you, He will lead you to green pastures 💖

  8. It's a very different way of gardening but still so beautiful. It's 51F here today so still waiting to start gardening. Garden centres always make me feel good. I think I'll stop by one today for a good feeling.