Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Flora and Fauna

I took this last night.  We weren't expecting any color, but there was a little.  Sunset has now moved way north and later in the day.  By late June I'll have to be standing out in the street, just me and the rattlesnakes.

Speaking of which, we saw this in the road yesterday morning.  It's a terrible picture because I did not want to get any closer, and had to zoom in.  It's a Western Diamondback Rattlesnake.  These things just creep me out - a lot.  Look how he holds his rattle up as he crosses the street.

Here is a better picture which I liberated from the internet.

We also saw Dennis down by the RV storage area.  He tows a large 5th wheel with his tractor trailer.  There is a Smart Car on the back.  A ramp extends and he drives it off so they can go places without taking the tractor.  Nancy, Dennis' wife, was telling us yesterday that friends of hers are unable to book RV slots this summer because they're all full due to the record increase in RV ownership.  Some parks are adding $400 a week facility fees on top of their already inflated rental rates.  While it would be nice to RV during the pandemic, it's not sounding like much fun at the moment, sort of like the Hunger Games.  The other thing I have noticed is that hotels have drastically raised their rates as well.  I guess they're all banking on the fact that people need to be out and about and are willing to pay for it.

 Look dead center in this photo.  See the gray thing looming over the terracotta colored fence?

That's the replaced knocked down section of the fence.  It looks like they're gone up three rows of cinder blocks.  It's sort of looking like a spite fence.

There are some cactus blooming.  This is a hedgehog. Eventually it will clone itself into a colony cactus.

The prickly pear in the front yard.

A prickly pear across the street.  My phone wouldn't pick it up, but there are bees in the flowers.  They land and burrow in as deeply as they can, and wiggle around in the pollen.  They are happy campers.

This is the lizard that poops on our wall.  One must watch where one puts the elbows.

That's it, all I've got is flora and fauna. 


  1. But what wonderful flora and fauna it is! Love the cactus flowers. Just remember with the rattlers, they don't want to encounter you any more than you want to encounter them.

  2. Always have been fond of rattle snakes, they pretty much go about their business unless they are shedding skins. They are really cool snakes.
    Unreal how an irascible cactus plant can have such a beautiful delicate ethereal flower.
    That fence is republican.

  3. wonderful pics. I've never personally come across a rattlesnake.