Monday, April 1, 2019

Agaves, Trees and the Hummingbirds

It is really difficult to get blogger to put two pictures side by side.  Well, maybe it isn't for you, but it is for me.  I looked at a Youtube on how to do it, and she created a table in Word, copied the table into the post and then put the pictures in the table.  She greyed out her table lines, but every time I did that, I couldn't find the table in blogger, so you'll have to forgive me the black lines and the fact that the photos aren't centered in the cell, and the fact that I didn't get them cropped identically.

Anywaaaaayy.......  on the left was taken 3/30.  On the right was taken 4/1.  Look how much that thing has grown in two days.  It's no wonder it sucks the life out of the plant.

This morning we went to Costco for the annual eye exam.  Afterwards three pairs of glasses were purchased.  I have to say, I don't remember glasses costing as much as they did.  I've been wearing the same pair for 5 years.  I'll probably wear the new ones for the same amount of time.  As I age, I'm getting more farsighted.  Anything that's within four feet of my face requires reading glasses to see.  As we pulled into the driveway, HRH was on the nest feeding the babies, but of course she flew away when the garage door went up.

The orange trees are blooming.  I went out to look at them and was struck by how few bees there are.  Last April I could not walk on that side of the house because there were so many in two of the neighbor's blooming bushes.  Hopefully they'll be back.

This is a branch on the lemon tree whose root stock we cut off recently.  I think it's enjoying the fact that it was watered last summer and that we fed it.  We had discussed doing four metal fence stakes with deer netting to protect the lemons from the deer, but have decided against it.  Snakes can get trapped in the protected area, it's too hard to get anything into the dirt, and we're just not that interested.  If the deer eat them this summer, we're replacing the oranges and lemons with hopseeds. 

I like them because they're non-allergenic and they don't attract bees.  Bees and I do not get along well, I always lose.

We're having the accursed screen door replaced.  It's a cool system, like the gutters.  They come to you and fabricate on site.  The door is original to the house and it's time for it to go.  Notice the larval life form underneath the door's rubber gasket.  It appears to have been deposited there and food was packed around it.


Speaking of allergenic, look at the yellow tree across the wash.  I'm not sure what it is, what I do know is that it's making too much pollen.

I took a day off from photographing the hummingbirds yesterday.  We're trying not to disturb them too much (I write as the screen guy is out pounding on aluminum to make the new door frame).  Here they were in the morning.  The one on the right is definitely developing pin feathers.  Apparently they are being fed because there is poop everywhere.

Here they are in the afternoon.  I think they're sleeping.  It's hard to tell since their eyes are not yet open.

So that's it from the house that is a project.


  1. There are other pollinators than bees, but the absence of bees is such a black mark on our stewardship. We're short on bees here in the east, but way out west, too. Awful.

  2. not so many bees here either I've noticed. and the tree is a huisache/sweet acacia. they are in full bloom here too. I get pictures side by side just by manipulating their size...medium or large depending on proportions. add the first pic then select the size then select 'left'. space over a few spaces and add the next pic.

  3. Sneeze sneeze sneeze. Yup WAY too much pollen!
    Your agave is amazing. I have yet to have one bloom.
    LOVE the baby hummers. They are definitely getting bigger too!!

  4. Once you add a picture, click (maybe right click) on it and a menu box will come up below. On the far right, it will say left center right ... you can click on whatever you want and it will move the picture. Click left on the first ... next one click right. They should end up side by side.

  5. Well, as long as mama hummingbird isn't scared off (and if she hasn't been by now I doubt she will be) those babies should be fine. I wonder what kind of larva that is? Weird! I've heard other bloggers mention they haven't seen as many bees this year.