Wednesday, April 17, 2019

A New to us Trail, Cactus, a Rabbit and the KT Layer

Yesterday we found a new trail.  It's a better route back to the trail that goes to our house from the trail that goes to the big wash.  We found it on the far end, and today walked it again so we'd be able to find it.  This will start out as a very boring post for all of you.  There will be more interesting stuff later.

The trail branches about 12 to 15 feet from the intersection of the trail that goes to the water tower and the trail that goes back to the house.

Jim built a cairn for the far end of the trail where it intersects with the trail that goes to the big wash. 

The trail continues on towards the big rocks.  This is the marker on one side of the trail, and the cairn marks the other side.

The permanent marker for when it's time to turn off the trail that goes down to the big wash is when the water tower becomes visible 90 degrees to the trail.  Cairns and rocks are not permanent, the water tower is.

There are cactus blooming.  This is a hedge hog.  I have no idea why it's called that.  They have the most incredible purple blossoms.

There are yellow prickly pears. This is going to have a lot of flowers.

Another yellow one.

This is a teeny tiny cactus.  I found it living in total darkness under a bougainvillea.  It used to have another section, but it fell off after I moved it.  It's maybe 1/2 inch tall.  It appears that it's putting out two little sections from the top.  Cactus are really tenacious.  I did go out and straighten him up a little.

Look at the center of the photo.  That's a rabbit down in the wash.  We could see him because he was wiggling his ears.  The Javelina have worn game trails in the wash.  It makes it much easier to walk around there.

The agave flower spike is continuing to grow.

Mary Moon linked to a really good article on the death of the dinosaurs.  It's well worth a read, and can be found here.  You will  learn much.  That's it!  That's all I've got!  Trails, cactus, a rabbit and the KT layer.


  1. LOVE the cactus flowers. I caught a quick picture of one and returned the next day for another. It was completely gone ... probably eaten by the rabbits!! I miss Tucson already!!

  2. I read that article last night! funny how things appear all over at once. cactus flowers are so gorgeous. we saw a cactus in Big Bend that grew flush with the ground so that it was almost unnoticeable and it would bloom with a beautiful fuschia flower that looked like it was sitting on the ground.

  3. All the rocks in the teeny, tiny cactus picture are so shiny. Do you know why?

    1. They're tumbled and polished and totally artificial in their shininess. We like the way they look around the cactus, but they're too expensive for any kind of an expanse of dirt.