Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Hummingbirds

Yesterday and this morning we were in the slough of despond.  We weren't seeing Her Royal Highness on the nest, and we weren't seeing the babies' heads waving for food.  Things are looking up a little.

Yesterday they were both facing the tree trunk.

This morning they had changed positions and were head to tail.  So, we had reason to believe they weren't dead.

Early this afternoon I could see one head waving.  Sorry it's such a terrible picture, I only have a 200 mm lens and it's never sure exactly what to focus on.

Shortly thereafter, HRH showed up, fed them very quickly and departed.  You can see her on the right side of the photo.

So, one more day that everyone is alive.  It's pretty warm, she may be off the nest more than she was because they don't need the insulation.  There are a lot of gnats in the air, so here's hoping for good hunting.


  1. Phew! Maybe they keep each other warm, crammed down in all that fluff.

  2. They are certainly growing fast!!! How fun to be able to watch them!!!

  3. They are starting to show some color!

  4. it amazes me how fast baby birds grow fledge.