Saturday, March 23, 2019

Flora and Fauna

Today I have flora and fauna to share.  The desert remains eerily green. 

This is a nursery under a Palo Verde.  There are six cacti in the group on the right, and then one more on the left.  Cactus who start in the shade fare much better than those who begin life in full sun.  They will actually sunburn, they turn purple.  It's unfortunate that the six are so close together, if they touch, they'll start stabbing each other, which will decrease their life spans.

This is a Palo Verde which is about to bloom.  It's covered in what look like little needles, eventually they'll open and spread pollen everywhere.

We saw this at a nursery.  Look at the length of the spines, they're just amazing.  I don't think much of anything will be chewing on this specimen.

Doves in the agave flower spike.

I took this through the mini-blinds from the living room.  This might be a horned toad on the wall.  He looks like he's smiling.

This is cool.  Look dead center at the round spiky plant sitting between two pink leaves.  I did not know, until today, that cactus seeds sprout looking like a dicotyledon, and then put up a teeny tiny cactus.  We were sitting in the gravel, trying to extend a watering line when we saw two of these.  In twenty years or so we might be able to identify it.

Her Royal Highness was off the nest while we were pruning some trees, I snuck out and took this before she returned.  She has decided to use the feeder so we're happy about that.  They don't look significantly different.  The newest hatch has rolled over, so that's progress.

Other than this, I have zippity doo-dah to offer.


  1. Lefty needs to gain pounds pronto, or righty will be putting a real squeeze on him. I must add, to not be apologizing for your cactus. You know far more than we wimps back here. I, at least, love every photo, and especially the blue skies.

  2. I've never seen a baby cactus ... that's pretty cool. And the babies!! They are so tiny!! My doves are too high up in the tree to get egg pics.

  3. I cannot for the life of me determine that toad's head. it looks headless to me. I noticed the cigarette but in the picture with the long curly spines. is there anyplace we don't leave out trash? but the pictures are great. did not know that about cactus seeds sprouting. a friend here is a big cactus and succulent guy. he's got a lot of different varieties.

  4. Awww, so glad to see the baby hummers! I never knew cactus seeds grew like that! And I love that cactus with the long spines.

  5. Aha! Agave flower spike...that is the odd-looking plant we've been seeing here on our bike rides. We had no idea what it was. Thank you! Love seeing the nestlings.