Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Windy and Cold

Yep, worst snowbird season yet.  As Lisa reminded me, 2012/2013 wasn't great, but I think this is worse.  It rained pigs and chickens all last night.  Today was extremely annoying; really windy and cold.  We covered all the tender plants this afternoon.  I would like my snowbird rebate now. 

However, we did have a pretty decent sunset.


  1. Totally agree the weather is not cooperating with Snowbirds. We definitely should be compensated!!

  2. This kind of weather is miserable. Especially with old pups who need to go outside every couple of hours and a couple times during the night. I'd be happy to get the 60s back again. Hang in there. We'll be roasting before too long.

  3. Speaking as an untransplanted snowbird, I'm sorry. I don't recall Arizona heat as being that awful, but it's been years since I've been there in summer.

    1. It's hotter now than it used to be. Plus I'm older, and intolerant to extremes of temperature, aaannnnnnnd I'm such a whiner!