Thursday, February 21, 2019

We Made it to the Ridge

Yesterday was a glorious day.  We went back out towards the ridge, taking the trail that the right vertical arrow is pointing at. 

It's a vertical little trail.  Here is Jim slogging up a steep part.  I did not get any pictures of where it gets really difficult, probably due to fear of dropping the camera or falling off the hill side.

We did make it to the top of the ridge (Ringtail Ridge), and this is what we saw.  There's another hill out in the distance.

However, if you walk to the right along the ridge trail for a little bit you can see into Tucson Mountain Park. 

It would be really nice to know where this trail goes, and where it comes down off the ridge.  I've looked at the satellite images on Google Maps and can't really tell where this is and where it might be going.

Coming back down, we saw a trail going off to the right.  It's likely that it goes to that lower out cropping of rock.  That's where we were stopped the other day due to the narrowing of the trail and its total exposure.

If you look at where the arrow is pointing, you can just make out the trail.  That's the section that's about a foot wide.  We thought about walking over to see, but decided not to as we knew that getting down the hill was going to be way worse than going up it.  Those pesky loose rocks are a pain when it's really steep.

It was a good, if strenuous, outing.

So that was yesterday.  This is today.
Cloudy with periods of rain. High 54F. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph. Chance of rain 90%. Winds could occasionally gust over 40 mph.
Most of the rain has gone north of us.  It's cold, so we went to the gym again.  Tomorrow we'll probably be sore and unable to easily dress ourselves.  The gym has battle ropes which are actually fun to use, and incredibly tiring.

Here is a brief sun break during which the palm trees are being battered by the wind. 

Have you seen these? We got a couple at Food City, which caters to the Mexican clientele, I've not seen them at Safeway.  They're limes, but with very low acid and they're actually sweet.  They're available in winter.  If you see them, they're really good.  They're only hardy to 50 degrees, so we will not be attempting to grow a tree.

That's it!  Hiking and complaining about the weather, with an occasional citrus thrown in.


  1. I'm glad you didn't try getting up that gully!
    Are those trails mapped by any "authority", and available as topographical maps? I know it's been thirty years and more since I hiked off trail, but I have been gloriously lost on 20 year old maps of trails in WV. At least we could figure out where we probably were and which way back to that trail we left on White Rag Mountain! Oh, yeah, the 20 year old maps we were using in 1985.

    1. The major trails, Yetman and Sarasota, are mapped. Those are the ones the hotel sends its guests out on. The bulk are not mapped and one has to walk them to find them.

  2. Same here .... complaining about all the rain, which is MY excuse for not exercising!! Glad you made the ridge, but as usual, over every hill is just another hill to climb!! LOL