Saturday, February 9, 2019

Snowmaggedon February 2019

Washington did get hit with snow.  They're really cold in Spokane with low temperatures and high winds.  This is like the bad old days.  When I moved to Seattle in 1984, winters were cold and it did snow.  Gradually it warmed up and quit snowing for years.  Our heavy winter coats gave way to a light weight fleece jacket and a wind breaker (which I wish I had kept during the purge).  Apparently winter is back!  Tucson is on a wet storm track for the next week, but it's better here than there.

Clallum County, WA.

Seattle area roads.

I guess we'll go out and brave the cloudy conditions for a restorative walk in the desert.


  1. From a snow belt Ohioan for whom that kind of road is winter normal (throw in a couple of bicyclists!), geeze louize. I'd stay home.

    1. They really should. It's amazing how many people venture out on the hills with totally inappropriate tires for conditions.

    2. Yes, it's all in the tires, and that includes bicycles. I am enjoying seeing high speed-o bikes with big balloon tires. Think Schwinn coaster brake in the sixties. They should be home! Our county roads are not set up to handle cars and bikes in summer, let alone winter.

  2. Oh my gosh! That does NOT look like fun!!! I guess flash floods in the desert are a better alternative after all!!