Sunday, February 24, 2019

Back Towards John Krein

The weather was much better today.  We went out the desert route (turning right at the Three Wisemen) to intersect the trail (keep right at the split in the trail after you come out of the wash) with the John Krein headstone at its base.  Why?  Why is there a headstone?

Anyway, walked that trail up to Sarasota, merged with Yetman, and then veered off towards John Krein again.  We walked uphill for awhile, and then turned around.  Going back we stayed on Sarasota, turned right on the short trail that returns to the John Krein trail with the headstone.  After a bit, we then retraced our steps home on the flat desert trail.  It's a longer hike than we though it would be, close to 2.5 hours.  I'm sort of whooped.

I realize this was totally boring for all of you.  However, if I don't write the route down, I won't remember it next year.  So, there you go.


  1. John Krein Trail Head?
    I can visualize you trailing back. Literally. Good job.

  2. Missed you guys yesterday! Sorry to hear about "the boot."
    At least we are in for some warmer weather...
    mark and bobbie

  3. The post before this one!!! WOW, Snow looks weird there, it does not belong in the picture! Nice walk through the tall cactus, Beautiful!

  4. Every time you mention Sarasota I think you're talking about Florida. It takes me a second to figure out what's going on!