Monday, January 28, 2019

Seen by a Golf Course

Today was a glorious day.  No big wind, and it was warm.  We took the bikes up the Loop bike trail and it was good.  Coming back we saw this guy.

He was very aware of us, but stalked down the fence line with no concern for the humans.

He's a bobcat.  They're nocturnal, so seeing one in broad daylight is unusual. It was really cool.

Here are two more photos I swiped from the internet some time ago.  One does wonder how he got on top of the saguaro without severe damage to his feet.


  1. We have sightings and certified counts of them here in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Hard to believe they once lived from coast to coast.

  2. Beautiful animal, lets hope you see him again.

  3. There's a couple that hang out around my area. Mom and her baby showed up last year and a huge male this year. Hoping I can catch them with my camera.